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Recreating the Past

Frankie Beeby


My practice attempts to represent those groups still marginalised within contemporary society. I place emphasis on the LGBTQ community, of which I am a part, and which remains on the periphery. My work attempts to normalise the relationships of LGBTQ characters by reinserting them back into classical works of art. In their new role, these LGBTQ individuals can adopt the status, power, and glorification that has previously been denied to them. My work attempts to shift history and allowing those portraits their rightful place in the narrative of Western art.

For each large-scale mono-print, I created a series of tableaux based on renowned artworks that show myself alongside a diverse group of LGBTQ individuals adopting the same pose, expression, and stance. The models, dressed in everyday clothing have become contemporary remakes of the historical works, blurring the boundaries between traditional and contemporary modes of representation.

I work in mono-print to display the strength and authority of the LGBTQ individuals.These are on a giant scale in order to convey the power of each figure represented. The mono-prints are unpredictable, and the process is fraught.However, the difficulties I experience function as a metaphor, and the final print; when successful, is a hard-won battle. Correspondingly, this relationship between the old and the new aligns with my intention to create Contemporary artworks that engage with the continuous issues in Society surrounding the Queer Community. By remaking history, I hope to continue to present shift notions of what is deemed acceptable in order to show new ‘normalities’ encircling homoerotic art and gender identity.