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Lake District

Chloe Officer


My work explores the natural landscape in fibre/textiles/paintings/sculptures.  The work is at once figurative and abstract.  I’m fascinated by the world we take for granted, the areas we overlook.  My practice aims to portray the beauty of nature, unearthing forms that go overlooked and unremarked upon on a daily basis; lichen, moss and fungi.  The work emphasises the element of the landscapes being ever-changing.  I’m interested in the process of decay and death.


I try to create equivalents in knitting, crochet, fibre sculpture and painting.  I try to translate my experiences into the manipulation of yarns and fibres and the surfaces, textures and tones of my materials.


The landscapes are specific places that are important to me.  They reference childhood memories and conjure sombre and joyful emotions of experiences with my family