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Urban Safari

Natalie Slater


Specialising in Womenswear

Creating minimal, high quality garments to last across the seasons and focusing on practicality. My Final Major project was inspired around the Victorian Era of Safari, exploring the luxury evening dinner party dresses and the practical garments for exploring the savannah in the day time; incorporating both the luxury and practical elements into my designs. I hand designed all of my prints throughout my collection using pointillism, which was inspired by the hand drawn illustrations from J.P. Zwecker. I sourced all of my fabric and trims from China on a fabric sourcing trip in December, 2018. This included printing all of my hand designed prints on my chosen fabrics and also printing my designs on 100% silk scarves, which I incorporated into draping garments and styling.


Hardworking, trustworthy and proactive with a professional manner and excellent communication skills. Having experience of working under pressure, I am organised, manage my time effectively and set myself high standards of working, delivering exceptional service in every task.



Adam Lippes, New York  (April - June 2018)

Emilia Wickstead, London (July - September 2018)  


Link to LinkedIn profile: 

Instagram: natalieslater_