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"Foolish me I almost forgot where I come from"



 Ambitious and hardworking menswear designer. The hunger for-experimentation and knowledge to achieve great things in a fashion career is the reason why I have decided to pursue a fashion degree because I believe fashion is the most immediate and intimate form of self-expression. the approach to my work is always the constant quest for innovation. The designs are always looking for the now and tomorrow. In the world of the Xhosa tribe, to become an honorable man, one must go the  mountains and be initiated, “circmucised”. That is the right of passage. One cannot heal without enduring the hardship. All I have to protect me is my white Ochre and traditional cloak. It keeps me alive and Humble.  I am a product of those who have lived before me. I was taught to be a messenger of my culture and carry my heritage into the future. These robes celebrate who I am.