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Every day is the day to be a mermaid!

Grace Stead


I am an outgoing, passionate individual with a serious work ethic and pride myself on my high level of organisation. Having worked since I was 15 years old on a part-time basis I have developed many life skills and an ability to maintain a good working relationship with a wide range of personalities. I have gained a professional attitude to work and take my responsibilities in the workplace very seriously. I am decisive and versatile but can still maintain a sense of fun and compassion. 

As my main area of interest is childrenswear, for my final collection I designed a girlswear range of coordinating, mix and match separates. My concept was based on my passion for swimming and the underwater environment, with elements of fantasy including mermaids. The idea was to bring sparkle and joyful colours to the sometimes monochrome world we inhabit. I like to explore and develop creative elements in my work to show my construction and technique abilities. Bringing my garments to life has unlocked a passion in me to bring my designs to fruition through creative pattern cutting and the manufacture of my garments. In the future, I would like to work in fashion technology particularly in the field of pattern cutting and production as I have discovered a flair in myself for these disciplines.