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Making a Meal of It - Maria-Larisa Covaciu, Sean Jones & Cheryl Parker

Manchester Ship Canal Octopus - Eleanor Hamer

Integration of Shaders in Interactive environemnts - Lewis Rafter

A Moment of Euphoria - Danny Sargent

Lost in a New World - Dante Cribbin

show reel and art 2019 Jeffry Imarhiagbe - Jeffry Imarhiagbe

gun - Jeffry Imarhiagbe

Quick Showreel - Tzvetan (Tz) V. Iliev

The Washing Line Gang - Kayleigh Rose McFadden

Negotiated Major Project Collection - Thi Hong Anh Vu

Sparrows - Emma Victoria Homewood

Snow Star - Emilija Deimantaviciute

Generation Of Passion - Luka France

A Sense of Nothingness - Lydia Thorley


Disguise - Georgia Carabine


Wisp'r: The Silent Soul - Kitt Frances

Walls For Walls - Samantha Cheffings

Fashion Design

the Fisherman's Daughter - Evgenia Apostologianni

Endless Love - Yujie Zhou (Carline)

Late to my own Funeral - Alexander King- Jervis

Rock, Paper, Scissors - Irene Philippou

Final Collection - Bethany Watson

Kitsch Beach - Samantha Ryan

Sunday West - Jason Tomlinson

Age of Modernity: Renaissance Revival - Chloe Marshall

The Queen's Abdication - Megan Hynd

Sparrows - Emma Victoria Homewood

the Spirit of Beritan - Ernesta Petraviciute

The Dark Pink Rebellion - Shakera Folkes


Belonging - Jenny Cam

What You Staring At? - Lucy Clews-Jones

The Juxtaposed Chav - Katie Bird

George - Amelia Payton

Ugly Belgian Houses - Ciara Delahunty

Film Production

Fantopia - Harriet Buckley, Lewis Evers, Sam Davies, Aaron Wallace

The Ballad of Haley Wilson - William Jordan

The Comedown - Lewis Oldfield, Ollie Kelly.

Film Studies

Film Studies - Shannon Taylor

Claire Denis’ Cinema of Bodies - Ellen Smith

Fine Art

Waiting, 2018 - Liam Stevenson

Lake District - Chloe Officer

Palindromic, 2019 - Louise Cunningham

Without Saying Goodbye, Digital Image, 2019 - Louise Cunningham

Recreating the Past - Frankie Beeby

Games Design and Production

Implementations of Shaders Within Responsive Digital Environments - Lewis Rafter


Production; Reproduction - Alexia Jade Croft

Miscellaneous Memories - Hannah Cleary

Unthriftiness - Poppy Leigh Welch

Unsuitable for Road use - Emma Dodd

All I Know Is Not Myself - Amber Sunderland

22 Metres Deep - Sian Doyle

Consumed by Nature - Ellie Lloyd

Wabi-Sabi - Sophie Clarke

Static Retrospective - Bridget Coderc

Untitled. - Katrina McKinlay

My own Ophelia - Mary Zavou

See.You.Next.Tuesday - Katie Murphy

Click Click - Troy Harvey

Neverland - Eleanor Sumner

Circle Of Light - Emily Houghton

Broken Front - Heather Bell

What Makes You Who You Are - Natalie Ellen Whittaker

Shithouse Poetry - India Rose Booth

Unsuitable for Road Use. - Emma Dodd

The Loft - Emily Bryant