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Sports Coaching (Taught at Hopwood Hall College)

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Two year

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September 2023


In a nutshell

This course will enable you to demonstrate knowledge of relevant sports coaching and analysis practices and the application of sports science to coaching practice. You will also be able to demonstrate the ability to identify and use relevant information and data from the academic literature and apply practical knowledge to sub-elite and elite sports contexts.

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You will:

  • Examine the processes which underlie sports coaching analysis, and identify ways in which the knowledge can be applied in real-world settings
  • Identify the needs of the individual organisation/team/athlete, taking into account the diversity of participants
Course details

All about the course

The foundation degree in sports coaching and performance analysis offers you the opportunity to develop a broad skill set that can lead to a wide range of employment opportunities or freelance coaching roles. To achieve this, the programme is structured to provide industry-focused education and training to give you the best opportunities for employment, promotion or further study.

Industry engagement and the development of a range of coaching and technical skills and theoretical understanding is critical. Industry visits and guest speakers are a core feature across a number of modules including sports coaching, sports development and performance analysis. Current students have the opportunity to undertake a strength and conditioning course at an elite sports club as part of the Level 5 strength and conditioning and fitness testing units. You will also complete a work based placement and be encouraged to reflect on their personal and professional development to create SMART career goals.

This course is taught at Hopwood Hall College. Please check their website for details of upcoming Open Days.

Year one

Anatomy and Physiology

On successful completion of this unit, you will be able to explain the cardiovascular, respiratory, muscular and skeletal systems of the body and how they work together whilst performing activity. Assessment one is an Anatomy Exam, whilst assessment two analyses the long and short-term impacts of physical activity on the body. 

Talent Identification and Development

This module provides students with an introduction to the phenomenon of Talent Identification and Talent Development with links to various sports. Students are expected to demonstrate a thorough understanding of the nature Vs. Nurture debate whilst looking at the practical implications of how talent is identified and is then developed in mainstream UK sport.

Sports Development

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to rationalise the key features underpinning contemporary sports development policy, programmes and practice, whilst planning a proposed sports development project addressing an identified need for a specified target group or community.

Sports Coaching

The aim of this module is to allow students to explore their coaching capabilities identifying their strengths and areas for development whilst introducing the students to some pedagogical principles of sports coaching.

Developing Academic and Professional Skills

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to: locate, analyse and critique sport-related literature from a variety of academic sources. Learners will also produce a research question, small-scale literature review and a research methodology as appropriate to sports-related research.     

Fitness Testing and Sports Training

This module provides students with an introduction in to fitness testing. Learners will be given the tools to be able to assess individuals performance in various components of fitness looking at, for example, how and why we need to assess, for example, an athletes power output and what is the most valid and reliable tool to measure and record such data.

Year two

Research Methods

This module provides students with an overview of research methods in Sport. Students will review current literature relevant to a variety of research areas. 

Introduction to Sports Psychology

This module provides students with an introduction to Sports Psychology. Students will explore strategies to combat the effects of motivation, personality and aggression in sports performance and provide an opportunity to undertake techniques to assess the psychology of group dynamics in sports environments. 

Strength and Conditioning for Sports Coaches

This module provides students with an insight into the fundamentals of applied strength and conditioning as well as an introduction to periodised programming for elite athletes. Students will deliver practical strength training exercises and design an annual case study for an elite client. 

Performance Analysis for Sports Coaches

This module provides students with knowledge and understanding of Performance Analysis in sport. Students will learn about key theories and practices that are utilised on a day to day basis in elite sport.

Applying Sports Coaching Pedagogy

The aim of this module is to allow students to explore their coaching practices in a community setting. Students will deliver sessions in a community setting of their choice before reflecting upon them.

The initial stages of the unit will be very much practically based with the students planning, delivering and reviewing their coaching sessions delivered to their peers. Once an initial period of practical coaching practices has been delivered a period of lectures and seminars will be delivered to the students to develop their understanding of the coaching process and of coaching pedagogy. These sessions are interactive in nature and focus not only on developing the students underpinning knowledge but also their ability to apply the general recommendations for training in light of the latest research.

Applied Practitioner Skills in Sports Coaching

The aim of this unit is to allow students to undertake a work placement in a related field and conduct a detailed review of their experiences acquired whilst on placement.

The initial stages of the unit in the first half of semester one will predominantly be classroom based with learners identifying placement opportunities, looking their career plans, identifying and analysing skills gaps and CPD opportunities to provide the skills and knowledge required to successfully complete assessment one. After December students will be signposted to their placement providers to complete 75 hours of work placement. This practice will be evidenced and analysed as part of assessment two.

Please note that it may not be possible to deliver the full list of options every year as this will depend on factors such as how many students choose a particular option. Exact modules may also vary in order to keep content current. When accepting your offer of a place to study on this programme, you should be aware that not all optional modules will be running each year. Your tutor will be able to advise you as to the available options on or before the start of the programme. Whilst the University tries to ensure that you are able to undertake your preferred options, it cannot guarantee this.


What you need to know

The programme is designed both for students wishing to pursue further study at Level 6 onto BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching Analysis and for those seeking to enter relevant employment on completion of the foundation degree.

This course is taught at Hopwood Hall College. Please check their website for details of upcoming Open Days.

Standard entry requirements


5 GCSEs, Grade C or above including English and Maths

UCAS tariff points

80 points

How much?

Type of study Year Fees
Full-time home 2023/24 £6,000per year
Full-time international 2023/24 £6,000per year

Additional costs

Students will be expected to complete coaching courses and other employability courses (e.g. safeguarding, first aid.) These are subsidised but some courses will be at an additional cost to the students.

You should also consider further costs which may include books, stationery, printing, binding and general subsistence on trips and visits.

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September 2023

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