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Quantity Surveying at Salford

A green revolution is on the way for our towns and cities. Our post-pandemic perspective will give more attention to ecological concerns, digital connectivity and alternative energy infrastructures. If want a career where you can lead this urban revolution, start your journey with a built environment-based degree

From planning cities to delivering major developments, highly-skilled surveyors, engineers, and construction professionals work collaboratively to deliver economic growth and find solutions to address housing shortages and rebuild our infrastructure. With a built-environment based degree, you can join them.

Located at the heart of Greater Manchester, the University of Salford is deeply-connected to one of the UK's largest property and construction markets. We offer professionally-accredited, industry-focused undergraduate and postgraduate built environment degree courses.  Read on and discover more.

Undergraduate Construction, Property and Surveying Courses

Construction at Salford

The University of Salford is a great place to study the built environment. Located at the heart of UK's fastest growing city region, we work closely with industry to provide you with the practical knowledge for your career.

Today, we offer degree courses in construction, surveying, and real estate. Many feature foundation year entry, integrated Masters pathways or the option to boost your skills with an industry placement.

Postgraduate Construction, Property and Surveying courses

Building Surveying at Salford

Drawing on our teaching and research expertise spanning architecture, construction, project management, and digital transformation, we offer a range of career-focused, postgraduate courses that shape graduates and professionals to lead the way in the construction industry.

We aim to nurture postgraduates with high levels of academic ability, who are strategic thinkers and ready to create an inclusive and sustainable built environment for all.