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Conference Programme

This is a provisional programme and may change depending on the attendance of the presenters. Please keep checking the programme for updates.

Wednesday 22 June 2016, Day 1


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Welcome Message from the Conference Co-Chairs


Official opening by: Professor Richard Stephenson, The Deputy Vice Chancellor, University of Salford, UK


Keynote Speaker: Machine translation: a helpful tool or a contaminator in multilingual applications? Lucia Specia, University of Sheffield, UK


Coffee Break


Session 1 (Long Papers): Information Search and Extraction

  • Disentangling the Structure of Tables in Scientific Literature, Nikola Milosevic, Cassie Gregson, Robert Hernandez and Goran Nenadic
  • Adapting Semantic Spreading Activation to Entity Linking in Text, Farhad Nooralahzadeh, Cédric Lopez, Elena Cabrio, Fabien Gandon and Frédérique Segond
  • Extracting and Representing Higher Order Predicate Relations between Concepts, S. Chatterji, N. Varshney, P. Kumar Chanda, Vibhor Mittal and Bhavi Bhagwan Jagwani




Session 2 (Short Papers): Sentiment Analysis and Recommender Systems

  • Mixing Crowdsourcing and Graph Propagation to Build a Sentiment Lexicon: Feelings are contagious, Mathieu Lafourcade, Nathalie Le Brun, Alain Joubert
  • Improving the Sentiment Analysis Process of Spanish Tweets with BM25, Juan Sixto, Aitor Almeida and Diego López-de-Ipiña.
  • Topic Shifts in StackOverflow: Ask it like Socrates, Toni Gruetze, Ralf Krestel and Felix Naumann

Session 3 (Short Papers): Semantic Resources

  • Semantic-Syntactic Word Valence Vectors for Building a Taxonomy, Oleksandr Marchenko
  • Using Semantic Frames for Automatic Annotation of Regulatory Texts, Kartik Asooja, Georgeta Bordea and Paul Buitelaar
  • Generating Tailored Classification Schemas for German Patents, Oliver Pimas, Stefan Klampfl, Thomas Kohl, Roman Kern and Mark Kröll


Coffee Break


Session 4 (Short Papers): Text Classification and NLP Applications

  • Aspects from Appraisals!! A Label Propagation with Prior Induction Approach, Nitin Ramrakhiyani, Sachin Pawar, Girish K. Palshikar and Manoj Apte
  • Identification of Occupation Mentions in Clinical Narratives, Azad Dehghan, Tom Liptrot, Daniel Tibble, Matthew Barker-Hewitt, Goran Nenadic
  • Re-expressing Business Processes Information from Corporate Documents into Controlled Language, Bell Manrique-Losada, Carlos M. Zapata-Jaramillo, Diego A. Burgos
  • Multi-Objective Word Sense Induction using Content and Interlink Connections, Sudipta Acharya, Asif Ekbal, Sriparna Saha, Prabhakaran Santhanam, Jose G. Moreno and Gaël Dias

Session 5 (Short Papers): Knowledge Discovery

  • Extracting Knowledge using Wikipedia Semi-Structured Resources, Nazanin Firoozeh
  • Mining Hidden Knowledge from the Counterterrorism Dataset Using Graph-Based Approach, Kishlay Jha and Wei Jin
  • An Empirical Assessment of Citation Information in Scientific Summarization,Francesco Ronzano and Horacio Saggion
  • YATS: Yet Another Text Simplifier, Daniel Ferrés, Montserrat Marimon, Horacio Saggion and Ahmed AbuRa'ed



Thursday 23 June 2016, Day 2


Invited Speaker Dr Christina Unger: How many men did they put on the moon? - A bird's eye view on question answering over linked data


Coffee Break


Session 6 (Long Papers): Information Search and Extraction

  • PatEx: Pattern Oriented RDF Graphs Exploration, Hanane Ouksili, Zoubida Kedad, Stéphane Lopes and Sylvaine Nugier
  • Keyword Identification Using Text Graphlet Pattern. Ahmed Ragab Nabhan and Khaled Shaalan
  • Information Extraction on Weather Forecasts with Semantic Technologies, Angel L. Garrido, María G. Buey, Gema Muñoz and José-Luis Casado-Rubi
  • A Multi-lingual Approach to Improve Passage Retrieval for Automatic Question Answering, Nouha Othman and Rim Faiz




Session 7 (Long Papers): Ontologies

  • The Role of Community Acceptance in Assessing Ontology Quality, Melinda McDaniel, Veda C. Storey and Vijayan Sugumaran
  • A Methodology for Biomedical Ontology Reuse, Nur Zareen Zulkarnain, Farid Meziane and Gillian Crofts
  • ESSOT: an Expert Supporting System for Ontology Translation, Mihael Arcan, Mauro Dragoni and Paul Buitelaar


Coffee Break


Session 8: Poster Presentation Session

  • Extracting Formal Models from Normative Texts, John J. Camilleri, Normunds Gruzitis and Gerardo Schneider
  • Sentiment Analysis in Arabic, Sanjeera Siddiqui, Azza Abdel Monem and Khaled Shaalan
  • Automatic Creation of Ontology Using a Lexical Database: an Application for the Energy Sector, A.Moreira, Jugurta L. Filho and Alcione de Paiva Oliveira
  • Computer-generated Text Detection Using Machine Learning: A Systematic Review, Beresneva Daria
  • Sentiment Analysis for German Facebook Pages, Florian Steinbauer and Mark Kröll
  • An Information Retrieval Based Approach for Multilingual Ontology Matching, Andi Rexha, Mauro Dragoni, Roman Kern, and Mark Kröll

Session 9: Poster Presentation Session

  • Automatic Text Summarization with a Reduced Vocabulary Using Continuous Space Vectors, E. L. Pontes, S. Huet, J.M. Torres-Moreno and . A. C. Linhares
  • Reversing the Polarity with Emoticons, Phoey Lee Teh, Paul Rayson, Irina Pak, Scott Piao, Seow Mei Yeng
  • Spatial-Temporal Representation and Reasoning About Objects and Regions, Aldjia Aider, Fatiha Mamache and Fatma-Zohra Belkredim
  • Learning to Rank Entity Relatedness through Embedding-Based Features, Pierpaolo Basile, Annalina Caputo, Gaetano Rossiello and Giovanni Semeraro
  • Arabic Quranic Search Tool Based On Ontology, Mohammad Alqahtani and Eric Atwell


Conference Banquet at Manchester United Playing Ground (Old Trafford)

Friday 24 June 2016, Day 3


Session 10 (Long Papers): Natural Language Processing and Applications

  • Tamil Morphological Analyzer using Support Vector Machines, T. Mokanarangan, T. Pranavan, U. Megala, N. Nilusija, G. Dias, S. Jayasena, S. Ranathunga
  • How to Complete Customer Requirements: Using Concept Expansion for Requirement Refinement, Michaela Geierhos and Frederik Simon Bäumer
  • Towards Evaluating the Impact of Anaphora Resolution on Text Summarisation from a Human Perspective, Mostafa Bayomi, Killian Levacher, M. Rami Ghorab, Peter Lavin, Alexander O'Connor and Séamus Lawless


Coffee Break


Session 11 (Long Papers): Sentiment Analysis and Recommender Systems

  • An Information Gain-Driven Feature Study for Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis, Kim Schouten and Flavius Frasincar
  • An LDA-based Approach to Scientific Paper Recommendation, Maha Amami, Gabriella Pasi, Fabio Stella and Rim Faiz
  • Evaluating Multiple Summaries without Human Models: a First Experiment with a Trivergent Model, Luis Adrián Cabrera Diego, Juan-Manuel Torres-Moreno and Barthélemy Durette




Session 12 (Short Papers): Information Extraction/Retrieval

  • Comparing Two Strategies for Query Expansion in a News Monitoring System, Parvaz Mahdabi and Andrei Popescu-Belis
  • An Active Ingredients Entity Recogniser System based on Profiles, Isabel Moreno, Paloma Moreda, and M.T. Romá-Ferri
  • Are Deep Learning Approaches Suitable for Natural Language Processing,  S. Alshahrani and E. Kapetanios
  • Validating Learning Outcomes of an E-Learning System Using NLP, Eiman Aeiad and Farid Meziane

Session 13 (Short Papers): Arabic Natural Language Processing

  • PIRAT: A Personalized Information Retrieval system in Arabic Texts Based on a Hybrid Representation of a User Profile, Houssem Safi, Maher Jaoua, Lamia Belguith Hadrich
  • Automatic Evaluation of a Summary's Linguistic Quality,  Samira Ellouze, Maher Jaoua and Lamia Belguith Hadrich
  • A Platform Based ANLP Tools for the Construction of an Arabic Historical Dictionary, Faten Khalfallah, Handi Msadak, Chafik Aloulou, Lamia Belguith Hadrich


Coffee Break and Closing Remarks