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Engage HEI 2017

Submission process

We invite you to submit an abstract and share your research, thinking and findings; we welcome academic research papers (either refereed or working), practitioner papers and case studies for presentation at the conference.

Abstracts should be between 300 and 500 words plus references as appropriate covering the following points:

Please indicate which of the following categories the abstract fits into:

  1. Academic research paper (refereed)
  2. Academic research paper (working)
  3. Practitioner paper
  4. Case study
  5. Other (please give a short description of what category you think it fits)

What is the focus of your presentation? What are you trying to achieve and why?

Approach / Methodology
What approach have you taken? If this is drawn from a piece of research, what is your methodology?

What are the results of this piece of work and why are they relevant?

Implications and recommendations
What are the implications of this piece of work for practice and/or policy? Do you have any recommendations?

Areas for development / further research
Are there any areas for development or future research?

The focus of the conference is to generate discussion and share ideas and we welcome a broad range of presentations to meet this aim. The idea of the abstract is to help you frame your thinking and to allow you the freedom to focus on your actual practice and develop your research thinking further.

Please email your abstract to by the 13th April, 2017. Authors of accepted abstracts will be informed by the 21st April, 2017 and will be invited to prepare a presentation to be given at the conference

If the abstract is accepted, then there is no need to provide a full paper; a PowerPoint presentation will be all that is needed. We would particularly encourage co-presentations from academics and practitioners who have worked together on engagement activities in order to get both perspectives on the knowledge exchange process.