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Engage HEI 2017

Conference themes

The Engage HEI 2017 conference is an open environment for academics, practitioners and policymakers to explore the role of higher education in fostering engagement, impactful research, business growth and economic activity. Conference themes include (but are not limited to):

  1. The impact of university-business collaboration. Papers are invited to explore, for example, what is the impact of these relationships and what does it mean in theory and practice; how does each inform and influence the other?
  2. The Role of HEIs or key industry organisations as anchor institutions. The concept of ‘anchor institutions’ is being used to understand the role of place-based institutions on the communities and economies in which they are located. Papers are invited to explore, for example, how does this concept talk to initiatives such as the Northern Powerhouse, Enterprise Zones and the increase of devolution; what is the role of HEIs or key industry organisations as anchor institutions and what is the impact on and engagement with their communities?
  3. Knowledge exchange in practice. Papers are invited to provide case studies, success stories, best practice and lessons learnt of HEI - Business engagement. The impact of research, knowledge exchange and business engagement.

We invite you to submit an abstract (300 – 500 words) on your practice, research and thinking. We welcome academic research papers, practitioner papers and case studies for presentation at the conference.

If the abstract is accepted, then there is no need to provide a full paper; a PowerPoint presentation will be all that is needed. We would particularly encourage co-presentations from academics and practitioners who have worked together on engagement activities in order to get both perspectives on the knowledge exchange process.