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CMAS 2017

Call for Papers

The primary purpose of papers at CMAS is to present interesting ideas and stimulate discussion. In line with our theme this year we are open to papers that illustrate how you have learnt from your data in some way. There will be two categories of papers:        

Open papers        

This might be from formal scientific studies but it may also be an audit of a specific aspect of service provision or a technical report on an innovation you have made. We are happy to accept presentations of pilot data to stimualte discussion on how these might lead on to more defintive work or of  preliminary data when you might want to discuss how best present your work more formally at one of the larger conferences. This is an excellent opportunity for students and more junior staff to present what they are doing.        

It is assumed that most Open papers abstracts will have a structure of Introduction, Research Question, Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions but this can be modified to suit the content if necessary.        

Case presentations        

This year we would also like you to present short case studies which illustrate how you have learnt from data collected from an individual patient. These might illustrate some clinical insight that you have gained or a more technical point about how data has been captured, processed or presented. It may be interesting to present a case to stimualte discussion of what you should do (or should have done!).        

Case presentation abstracts should outline the case history, data to be presented and conclude with a discussion of what you have learnt. Case presentations should be fully anonymised and it is the presenter’s responsibility to ensure that appropriate consnets and permissions have been gained to present the case.        

Format and technicalities        

All abstracts should be submitted as a Word document formatted as a single page of A4 with 2cm borders all round and at least 10 point Arial font. Authors are encouraged to use a figure or table to illustrate their data. They should have a clear title and list all authors with their affiliations.        

Both open papers and case presentations will be 8 minutes long with 4 minutes for discussion. It is assumed that you will bring a PowerPoint presentation to the meeting with any videos embedded within it. If you would like to present using a different format then please contact the organisers in advance.        


Abstract deadline:                     10th February        

Notification of acceptance:          22nd February