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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Engineering Laboratories

As a leading regional centre for engineering teaching and research, we have a suite of laboratories designed for specific purposes. 

Mechanical lab

The mechanical lab is used to understand material behaviour under different loading conditions and contains a tensile test machine and static loading experiments. Typical laboratory sessions include tensile testing of materials and investigation into the bending and buckling behaviour of beams.

Aerodynamics lab

The aerodynamics lab contains low speed and supersonic wind tunnels. Typical laboratory experiments in this space include determining the aerodynamic properties of an aerofoil section and influence of wing sweep on the lift and drag characteristics of a tapered wing section.

Composite Materials lab

The composite materials lab contains wet lay-up and pre-preg facilities for fabrication of composite material test sections. The facility is often used for undergraduate final year project work.

Control and Dynamics lab

The control and dynamics lab contains flight simulators and programmable control experiments. Typical laboratory sessions in this space include studying the effects of damping and short period oscillation analysis, forced vibration due to rotating imbalance, and understanding the design and performance of proportional and integral controllers.