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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Acoustics Facilities

The University of Salford has an outstanding set of facilities for students. In 2011, the University moved into a purpose built facility at the heart of MediaCityUK. Our facility is built to the most modern professional specifications and is available for students, researchers and commercial clients. All our production facilities are now based at MediaCityUK except for our multi-track recording studios.

In 2007, we invested £2.5 million in our world class acoustic test facilities on the main campus. They were opened by Dr Andy Bower, BBC Portfolio Manager, Digital TV. The range of studios and laboratories available at Salford is unusually extensive for a UK university; all facilities are available for students, researchers and commercial clients.

These facilities include an anechoic chamber, semi-anechoic chamber, reverberation chamber, transmission chamber, listening room, TV and radio studios, audio and video production and post production suites, a Digital Media Performance lab and a number of specialist laboratories.

More information about Acoustics, Audio and Video facilities and labs...

  • Audio production suites - containing PCs and Macs for audio production using Pro Tools and Reason.
  • Video post production suites- containing PCs and Macs for video production using Final Cut Pro and Adobe Creative Suite.
  • TV Studios - two professionally specified TV studios including virtual 3D studio capability.
  • Radio studios - two professionally specified Radio studios including live sound room.
  • Digital Media Performance Lab - a 100 seat multi-media performance space used for live sound.
  • Recording studios - a set of four fully acoustically treated studios, each with its own live room.
  • Anechoic chamber - a room with no echoes used to measure, for example, directionality of loudspeakers. Includes a virtual tour.
  • Semi-anechoic chamber
  • Reverberation chamber - rooms with little absorption, used to measure, for example, the absorption of concert hall seating. Includes a virtual tour.
  • Transmission chamber - two rooms used to measure how much sound goes through the walls of buildings
  • Listening room - used to carry out subjective tests, for example on audio quality.
  • Projects laboratory - containing specialist experimental equipment for final year, MSc and research projects.
  • Computer laboratories - a set of PC labs for teaching programming, web design and digital audio processing.