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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Rob Aspin

Director of Computer Science and Software Engineering


I am an experienced researcher and developer of virtual environments and their associated systems, with a background in both commercial development and academic research and development. For the last 13 years I have worked for the University of Salford; first as a Research Fellow and Senior Research Fellow and in more recent years (since 2006) as a Lecturer and Senior Lecturer. In this time I have undertaken research into applications of Virtual Reality to support Design and Construction, as part of the EU funded Divercity project, for which I was a workpackage leader, and the Intelcity/Intelcities EU funded Integrated Project. Research themes and publications, published in both journals and conference proceedings, have included specific applications of VR, such as architectural design and simulation, large scale system architectures, and investigations in to intuitive interfaces and display systems, 3D reconstruction of people, with additional technology reports and presentations for funding bodies and special interest groups. Before joining the University of Salford I was employed as a VR application developer and manager within the commercial sector, designing, developing and implementing VR simulation systems for sectors including military simulation, medical simulation and visualisation and engineering. Current research is primarily focused on the 3D interactive visualisation of medical data and 3D reconstruction of people. This has been undertaken as part of the University’s enterprise activity, working with external clients to address their specific application needs. This work has lead to the specific challenges that this research will seek to address.



Virtual Reality/Virtual Environments

3D Computer Graphics

Research Interests

3D Reconstruction

Interactive Data Visualization

Medical Imaging

Computer Graphics

Virtual Reality


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