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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Dr Olga Umnova



MSc, Physics,  Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, 1989

PhD, Acoustics, Russian Academy of Sciences, 1994

Post-Doc, Open University, University of Hull, UK, 1998-2004

Lecturer in Theoretical Acoustics, University of Salford, 2004-2010

Senior Lecturer, University of Salford, 2010-2012

Reader, University of Salford, 2012-


Principles of Acoustics

Mathematical Methods 1

Industrial and Business Mathematics

Final year project coordinator for BSc Mathematical Science

Research Interests

Acoustics of porous materials

Sonic crystals and acoustic metamaterials

Nonlinear acoustics

Qualifications and Memberships

Member of the Institute of Acoustics, UK

Member of the Acoustical Society of America


Publications from 2009:

  1. Multi-resonant scatterers in sonic crystals: locally resonant multi-resonant acoustic metamaterial, V.Romero-Garcia, A.Krynkin, L.M.Garcia-Raffi, O.Umnova, J.V.Sanchez-Perez, Journal of Sound and Vibration, 2013, v. 332, 184-198.
  2. Analytical approximations for low frequency bandgaps in periodic arrays of elastic shells, A.Krynkin, O. Umnova,  S.Taherzadeh,

K.Attenborough, J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2013, v.133, 781-791.

  1. Sound propagation in activated carbon, F.Bechwati, M.R.Avis, D.J.Bull, T.J.Cox, J.A.Hargreaves, D.Moser, D.K.Ross, O.Umnova, R.Venegas,  J.Acoust.Soc.Am. 2012, v.132, 239-248.
  2. Mathematics summer schools for acoustics research training, K.Attenborough, M.Wright. O.Umnova, J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2012, v.131, 2532-2538.
  3. Acoustic insertion loss due to two dimensional periodic arrays of circular cylinders  parallel to a nearby surface, A.Krynkin, O. Umnova, J.Sanchez-Perez, A.Y.B.Chong, S.Taherzadeh,

K.Attenborough, J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2011, v.130, 3736-3745.

  1. Acoustical properties of double porosity granular materials, R.Venegas, O.Umnova, J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2011, v.130, 2765-2776.
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  3.  Volumetric diffusers: Pseudorandom cylinder array on a periodic lattice, R.Hughes, J.A.S.Angus, T.J.Cox, O.Umnova, G.A.Ghering, M.Pogson, D.M.Whittaker, J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2010, v.128, 2847-2856.
  4. Predictions and measurements of sound transmission through a periodic array of elastic shells in air, A. Krynkin, O. Umnova, A.Y.B. Chong, S.Taherzadeh, K.Attenborough,                            J.Acoust.Soc.Am., 2010, 128, 3496-3509.
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D.Turo, O.Umnova, ACTA Acustica United with Acustica, 2010, v. 96 issue No. 2.

  1. Effect of boundary slip on the acoustical properties of microfibrous materials,

O.Umnova, D.Tsiklauri, R.Venegas, J.Acoust.Soc.Am, 2009, v.126, 1850-1861.

  1. Time domain formulation of the equivalent fluid model for rigid porous media, O.Umnova, D.Turo, J.Acoust.Soc.Am, 2009, v.125, 1860-1863.