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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Dr Martin Hope



From 1980 to 1993 I completed a twelve year contract in H.M. forces My work focused mainly on the fault diagnosis, rectification and maintenance of ground to air missile systems, three dimensional and secondary surveillance radar systems, and the associated display and processing suites.

In 1994 I was recruited by the University of Derby as a multimedia programmer, and after graduating from Anglia Polytechnic University with an honors degree in Electronic Engineering, I was appointed Head of Multimedia Development.

In 1997 I was recruited by the University of Salford as a Research Assistant employed on an EPSRC MNA research program investigating the use of high bandwidth mobile multimedia communications systems. In March 2000 I was appointed as a Research Fellow, in the Centre for Network and Telecommunications Research where my research considered the climatic effects on the long-term data transmission performance of high bandwidth communication lasers. In 2001 I was appointed as a Lecturer in the School of Acoustics and Electronics and In 2002 I obtained a research award from the Nuffield Foundation for newly appointed lecturers in Science, Engineering and Mathematics.  

I obtained my PhD at the University of Salford in the field of mobile and wireless communications and he is currently a member of the Institute of Electrical Engineers and is a registered Chartered Engineer.


Level 5  Animation Techniques 2001 – 2002

Level 5 High Level Programming 2001 – 2004

Level 7 Transmission Media 2001 – 2002

Level 5 Client Server Systems 2000 – 2001

Level 7 Software Engineering 2003 - 2004

Level 5 Data Communications 2005 – 2006

Level 6 Programming for Mobile Platforms 2007 – 2010

Level 6 Programming in C++ 2007 – 2010

Level 7 Wireless Communications 1999 – 2010

Level 6 Advanced Network Technologies 2006- 2013

Level 5 Network Simulation 2010 - 2013

Level 7 Communication System Modelling and Simulation 2010 - 2013

Level 7 Wireless and Mobile Telecommunications 2010 – 2013

Research Interests

Wireless Communications: WLAN systems, Ad-Hoc wireless networks, Ultra Wideband and Wireless Sensor Networks.

Qualifications and Memberships

BEng (Hons). PhD, CEng, MIET.

BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering (Anglia University, Cambridge). 1996

PhD Wireless Communications (The University of Salford). 2003


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