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School of Computing Science and Engineering

Professor David Parsons

Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor


I am a Royal Academy of Engineering Visiting Professor (VP) at the University of Salford in the School of Computing, Science & Engineering where I am also a member of the Computer Networking and Telecommunications Research Group. I was first appointed in 2000 and my current agreement runs through to the end of 2013. For many years my VP role at Salford operated alongside my part-time teaching contract. By mutual agreement my “formal” timetabled teaching finished at the end of September 2011 – shortly after my 70th birthday.  I am also a RAE VP at the University of Sheffield and have an Honorary Professorship at the Metropolitan University of London.

My earlier career included:

Barclays Bank 1958-1993. Initial working in the retail banking area but subsequently moving into the Bank’s IT Division in the early 1960’s. Following 20=years working in systems and programming at all levels, I eventually spent 12 years in senior executive roles as:

1982-1986 Head of Technical Research

1986-1989 Head of Networks

1989-1993 Group Director Advanced Technology Research.

Following early retirement from Barclays in 1993, and in addition to my work at Salford, I have:

  • Established by own technology consultancy company (1993 – date)
  • Worked part time for the European Commission (1993 – date)
  • Worked part time for the British Computer Society as their Regional Manager North. (1996-2006)
  • Worked part time as a lecturer for Sheffield Hallam University (1997-2006)

A comprehensive career resume is available.


I no longer teach formally but continue to “guest” lecture at both Salford and other institutions. In the past I have taught or assisted the teaching / assessment of the following:

  • Project Planning, Project Control and Presentation Skills
  • Network Architectures and Design (Post graduate)
  • Management Principles and Practice. (Post Graduate)
  • Introduction to Information Systems Management (under graduate)
  • Global Network Architectures (undergraduate)
  • Professional / ethical issues (undergraduate)

Supervision of final year undergraduate student projects.

External subject quality assessments – both UK and overseas at undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Membership of external academic and industrial advisory boards and advisor on establishment of external advisory boards.

Research Interests

  • High Performance Computation and Networking – especially context and location aware quality of service management systems.
  • Ethical/Professional and related issues as they apply to Computing / IT.
  • Public Engagement of Science & Engineering
  • Member of the EPSRC College of Peers and have worked extensively as an Evaluator / rapporteur for the European Commission.

Qualifications and Memberships

Professionally qualified in:

  • Banking (Honours degree equivalent)
  • IT / Computing (Honours degree and masters equivalents)
  • CITP - Chartered IT Professional

Memberships include:

  • FBCS - Life Fellow of the British Computer Society
  • FRGS – Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society
  • MIET – Member of the Institution of Engineering & Technology
  • MITP – Member of the Institute of Telecommunications Professionals
  • Also a member of the IEEE Computer Society and the ACM
  • Professional Member of the World Future Society
  • Member of the Institute of Financial Services


Publications (since 2006)  (Note: I do not have REF categories for these)

Papers / articles / publications – in Public Domain

Realising the potential of multimedia visitor guides – practical experiences of developing mi-Guide. Museum Management and Curatorship. Vol 27, Issue 1, January 2012. Nigel Linge, Duncan Bates, Kate Booth, David Parsons, Louise Heately, Pauline Webb, Robin Holgate

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“mi-Guide : A Wireless Context Driven Information System for Museum Visitors”. Professor Nigel Linge, Professor David Parsons, Mr Duncan Bates, Dr. Robin Holgate, Ms Pauline Webb, Mr. David Hay and Dr. David Ward, accepted for The 6th International Workshop on Wireless Information Systems (WIS 2007)

Context Driven Information Systems for Museum Visitors. Professor N Linge, Professor D Parsons, Duncan Bates7th Annual Post Graduate Symposium on the Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking and Broadcasting, June 2006, pp23-27

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Exploiting Problem Based Learning for the teaching of network design. September 2004 to support  Problem Based Learning International Conference Salford September 2004

Technology Driven Business Opportunities. March 1998 to support Workshop on Technology Opportunities for the Transport Development Group.

Securing Business Value from New Technologies. July 1997 to support the UNICOM Seminar Measuring the Value of IT Investment.

Technology for the New Millennium. March 1997 to support a presentation given to a Chartered Institute of Marketing, Institute of Strategic Planning, Institute of Directors, Institute of Management Joint Meeting.

The impact of gigabit networks and why stop there? May 1996 to support the IEE Colloquium Towards Gigabit Networking. Published by IEE.

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HPCN Applications in Finance. May 1993 to support presentation given at HPCN93 Europe.  Published by Elsevier in HPCN Europe.

The Role of the Advanced Technology Group. February 1993 to support The Business Intelligence Conference Tomorrow's Systems - Today's Choices. Summary published in Computer Weekly.

IT Around the Year 2000 - A Personal View. May 1992 to support IEE Colloquium.  Published in IEE Computing & Control Engineering Journal November 1992.

Book Chapters

Parallel Processing in Commercial and Industrial Applications. 1995. Edited by Francis Wray. Stanley Thornes ISBN 0 7487 2328 5

New Markets for Multimedia. 1995. Edited by J. Eberspächer. Springer Verlag ISBN 0 3875 9302 0

Barclays Bank Internal (not in public domain) Publications

Numerous internal reports and papers produced for Barclays purposes over some 30+ years.