Computer Science and Software Engineering at Salford

With technology shaping our everyday lives, and almost every global industries reliant on harnessing the latest technology, the demand for skilled data and software professionals is growing rapidly. From web and app development to data analysis and cyber-attack prevention, the sheer variety of computing roles and how they work within different industries provides exciting and rewarding global career opportunities. With so many opportunities on offer, the field of computer science and software engineering is the smart study choice for the digital age. 

Why study computer science and software engineering with Salford?

Salford is a leading regional centre for computer science study. If you want a broad perspective, look no further than our BCS-accredited Computer Science degree. But if you want specialism, you can build on our expertise by including Cyber Security, Web Development or Data Analytics. 

If you’re more interested in designing programmes and developing applications, our BCS-accredited Software Engineering degree provides a cutting-edge learning experience. Technology might be converging, but our CISCO-based Computer Networks degree can help you build a successful career mapping the systems we will use, both today and tomorrow.

Many graduates choose to work as programmers and software developers, but some progress to other IT-based roles, including consultancy, system development, or as computer analysts. Our alumni have found employment with leading national companies across a range of industries, including Sainsburys, Cisco, Microsoft, SIS, Autotrader, HMRC, Ferranti and Civica, plus local firms emerging in the fast-growing North West tech community.

Explore our Computing Science and Software Engineering courses

Computer Science

Computer Science provides you with a broad understanding of the field of computing with a core specialism in programming. Accredited by the British Computing Society (BCS), you’ll develop an understanding of methodical approaches to the analysis, design, development, testing and maintenance of object-oriented systems using the Java language. You'll graduate with a solution-focused approach and a critical awareness of applying the right skills to complete specific goals.

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Foundation Year

Computer Science with Cyber Security

Many organisations guard large amounts of personal data, but, as recent events reveal, data breaches are on the rise. As cyber criminals use more sophisticated techniques to infiltrate I.T systems, organisations need talented people to reduce their risk and help to keep systems secure. Our Computer Science with Cyber Security degree provides the latest knowledge and skills needed to start a career in this exciting field.

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Cyber Security

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Cyber Security with Foundation Year

Computer Science with Web Development

Sophisticated software is delivering highly interactive web application experiences and users now expect online interactions to be usable, accessible, portable and maintainable. Many companies urgently need skilled professionals who understand online environments and can help them to keep apace with new developments. Our Computer Science with Web Development degree provides the latest knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage advanced web projects.

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Web Development

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Web Development with Foundation Year

Computer Science with Data Analytics

'Big Data' analytics is one of the fastest growing career paths in IT. With the potential to explore large and varied sets of data to uncover hidden patterns, insights, correlations and trends, many organisations need talented individuals who can find them valuable information. Our Computer Science with Data Analytics degree provides the latest knowledge and skills needed to lead and manage advanced web projects.

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Data Analytics

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Science with Data Analytics with Foundation Year

Software Engineering

Software systems are embedded in all aspects of daily life, leading daily operations in commerce,healthcare and the media. As emerging technology and new platforms provide new opportunities,organisations of all sizes need talented professionals who can create software systems that are functional, robust and enabling. Our British Computing Society (BCS) accredited Software Engineering degree is the ideal route to develop you skills ready for industry.

Explore BSc (Hons) Software Engineering

Explore BSc (Hons) Software Engineering with Foundation Year

Computer Networks

Computer networks have transformed society, playing a leading role in both our daily lives and the revolution of business operations. With so many industries dependent on network performance, and the rapid arrival of converging technology, there is a huge global demand for professionals with advanced computer networking skills. Shape the systems society will use, both today and tomorrow with our British Computing Society (BCS) accredited Computer Networks degree.

Explore BSc (Hons) Computer Networks

Industry-driven learning

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Our experienced academic team maintains strong links with the industry and professional bodies. This approach ensures that we gain multiple perspectives from employers, maintains course content relevance and help to match the skills you'll develop with industry needs.  It also provides you with guest speakers, industry briefs and placement opportunities.

We also run an industrial liaison committee to provide us with insight and guidance. Participating organisations have included a mix of IT-led businesses and those who make advanced of IT, including Web Applications UK, AutoTrader, Cooperative, DAI and FastWebMedia.

The University of Salford is also a founding member of the £6m GM Cyber Foundry, an initiative that aims to help protect regional small and medium-sized companies against malicious computer attacks.The Manchester city-region is a growing centre for digital excellence, as evidenced by the opening of a Government Communications Agency site (GCHQ) in the city.

Dedicated computing facilities

Computer Facilities at Salford

We have a range of specialist computing suites and laboratories at our main Peel Park campus, including our networking laboratory and dedicated final year project laboratory. Over at our MediaCityUK campus, classes are delivered in our Cisco-enabled suites. These facilities also provide opportunities for you to gain additional Cisco Certified Network Associate status.

At both campuses, our computing suites are equipped with Macs and PCs configured with the specialist software required for modules involving database systems, web content creation, mobile networking, network simulation, internet security and forensics.

Part of the tech community

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Salford is at the heart of the rapidly-growing tech community in Greater Manchester. We regularly get students involved in local event such as HackManchester. In both 2018 and 2019, our teams have scooped numerous awards including the prestigious Industry Challenge.

We’re also connected to the wider computing and tech community. In April 2019, Salford hosted more than 200 female undergraduates, postgraduates and researchers for the 2019 Ada Lovelace Colloquium, an annual event organised by the British Computing Society to support female students who make up just 17% of mathematics and computer science students at UK universities.

Did you know?

The University of Salford is at located at the heart of Greater Manchester, with direct transport connections throughout the North West. We even have our own campus train station - Salford Crescent, which can take you into Manchester in just ten minutes, Liverpool in 30 minutes, or direct to Manchester Airport in just 25 minutes.