Do you wish to develop high-level research skills and forge an exciting career in the healthcare technology sector? Our training is innovative, the research opportunities ambitious, and experiences inspiring.

Are you from an engineering, physics, medical or clinical science background? Or perhaps has a clinical qualification related to prosthetic and orthotic use, or the patient’s groups who use prosthetic and orthotic devices? You may be a prosthetist, or a physiotherapist for example.

The Centre will bring together students from diverse backgrounds and supervisors from departments across four world leading Universities.

The CDT offering

  • Ambitious interdisciplinary PhD projects that blend high quality training with practical experiences that enhance employability.  
  • Training in research skills relevant to prosthetics, orthotics and the wider healthcare technology industry.  
  • Integrated training in engineering, physical, medical and health sciences, as well as business, entrepreneurial and other professional skills  
  • Opportunities to work on research projects directly with industry and users, and understand the journey from user needs to product or service implementation.

Research Topic Areas

  • Intelligent sensor systems
  • Smart wearable solutions for rehabilitation
  • Design of assistive, adaptive rehabilitation technologies
  • Advanced composites and materials
  • Intelligent control
  • Biomechanics of orthotic devices
  • Factors affecting real-world use, design, control, and evaluation of P&O
  • Design, prototyping and evaluation of prosthetic sockets
  • Understanding user interactions with prostheses, orthoses and walking aids
  • User-centred assistive technologies and outcome measures
  • Biomechanics of skin and orthotic device interfaces
  • Bio-mechatronics solutions for P&O