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Recruiting Students

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1) Can I take more than one student/graduate under this programme?

Each SME is permitted to recruit a maximum of 2 interns during 2019/20

Q2) How are students selected for an internship opportunity?

The application process is initially managed by the University, with all internship opportunities advertised on our student/graduate jobsite. Applicants will submit their CV and covering letters to us for initial screening, after which we will forward all suitable submissions to you for consideration. As the employer, you can then arrange interviews and make the final candidate selection for the internship position. We find this saves you time and makes the recruitment process hassle free.

Q3) If I am selected to take part in the scheme, do you guarantee to provide a final year student/graduate intern?

We will advertise all approved internship positions across a number of channels to our student and graduate population; however we cannot guarantee to find a suitable candidate for any particular internship opportunity. Our best advice is to be flexible with regards to the start-date of the internship opportunity and to devise a role that will be challenging enough for graduate-level students. We find that a higher quality job description that details the benefits of the role is more attractive to potential applicants.

Please also be aware that we are allocated a set amount of funding each year from Santander Universities.’

Whilst we are happy to advertise all potential Santander vacancies, funding can only be allocated once the programme manager at the University of Salford has been informed of the start date agreed between the employer and final year student or graduate. ‘

In the event of the funds being exhausted organisations with live vacancies will be informed.  Please note that the funding is an annual allocation and any unfilled vacancies would be able to be advertised in future years.

Q4) What type of roles can employers offer?

Marketing & PR, Business Development & Research Projects, Environmental Management, Computer Science & IT, Biological Science & Research, Media, and Construction related  opportunities have proved popular in previous years. However, we consider all areas of employment in which the University offers related courses. Our advice with regards the type of internship to offer would be to ensure it is sufficiently challenging for a graduate level employee, perhaps a graduate position you are looking to recruit for in the long term for which you can trial a student or graduate.

If you have any further questions please email our team at or call 0161 295 0023.

Q5) Does my organisation qualify an SME?

To qualify as an SME (small or medium sized businesses) your organisation must have less than 250 employees, with a turnover of £50 million or less.

Q6) What do I need to include in my vacancy?

When adding a vacancy to our vacancy portal please include the following:

  • Include the word ‘Santander’ in the ‘Vacancy title’ field followed by the job title.
  • Add £9.00 in the ‘Salary/Wage’ field (£9.00 in line with Santander policy).
  • State the duration of the internship in the ‘Details’ section.
  • State the number of hours per week or the total number hours of the internship period.
  • Ensure you include a job description outlining primary duties and   responsibilities and the necessary skills, experience or course requirements the applicant must have.
  • Indicate any benefits or learning opportunities the company will offer as part of the internship.