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The University of Salford has a long track record of working with business and public sector organizations, offering a wide variety of consultancy services.  We have over 1,000 academics on our teaching and research staff, all of whom are experts in their own particular field.  In addition, we have world-class laboratory and research facilities; our aim is to ensure that all types of organizations can benefit from our expertise. 

Our key services are focused around five key themes:

Physical sciences

Within the School of Computing, Science and Engineering, we have a number of leading-edge research groups with particular strengths in acoustics and materials science. The Acoustics Laboratory is a unique facility that provides a range of UKAS accredited testing and other services. We also have a comprehensive materials analysis suite called Salford Analytical Services, which uses a wide range of materials characterisation techniques. 

We also offer a range of other services such as civil engineering structures testing, product design and rapid prototyping, and aerodynamic testing.  

Built Environment and Energy

The School of the Built Environment is rated as the top UK school of its type for research power and encompasses a number of key research centres such as the Centre for Applied Archaeology and the Centre for Information Technology in Construction, both of which work extensively with external organizations.

Energy is a key theme for our built environment research with an emphasis on the application of retro-fit technologies to improve the energy efficiency of domestic dwellings. The University’s Energy House is a world first and is a reconstructed early 20th Century terraced house located inside a climate-controlled environmental chamber that allows real world product testing and evaluation in laboratory-controlled conditions.

Public Policy Development

The University of Salford has a long track record of social science research and has a number of internationally recognised research groups in a number of key areas.  Our strength is in applying this knowledge and expertise to deliver practical evidence-based solutions for public sector policy makers. Clients for these services include local authorities, the Home Office, the Youth Justice Board, the Department of Communities and Local Government and the European Commission.  We have extensive experience in a number of areas including ‘hard-to-reach’ and minority groups; micro-finance and credit schemes; policing crime and youth justice; and health and social care. 

Health and Well Being

As one of the UK’s leading providers of health and social care education and training, numerous organizations (and individuals) have benefited from the facilities within the College of Health and Social Care. Our biomechanics and physiology specialists based in the Human Performance Laboratory have worked with a number of the UK’s football and cricket clubs in order to get the very best out of their players. We also offer specialist services in podiatry and gait analysis using our state of the art diagnostic and treatment facilities. 


Digital technology is a key cross cutting theme for the University of Salford.  We have recently invested in a number of facilities that allow the full potential of digital technologies to be explored.  The Thinklab facilities including high quality digital projection, 4.8x2 m ‘Powerwall’ screen and augmented reality all of which can be applied to find solutions to a wide variety of real world problems.  The Centre for Virtual Environments and Future Media is the UK's leading centre researching tele-presence and is at the forefront of real time 3D visualization.

SEL - Translation and Interpreting

When you reach out in the language of your own customers, you gain a competitive advantage. The courtesy shown goes a long way and your customers appreciate it thoroughly, encouraging long-term business relationships.

The language industry is fully unregulated but we remove that risk through our fully accredited language service provider, SEL. University-owned and quality-controlled on all services, SEL has been in business for over 25 years – improving international communication for countless customers. More information about SEL...