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Salford Business School

Dr Neil Robinson



Neil Robinson lectures at Salford University Business School, teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Mr Robinson has research interests in dark tourism, terrorism, marketing, contemporary issues in business and heritage. Other research interests include stand up comedy in the dissemination of academia and musical legacy associated with place.


Management development project 2UG.

UG & PG Dissertation.

Marketing International business (PG).

Destination management (UG)

Dark Tourism (UG)

Research Interests

Tourism, business, terrorism, heritage, SME development and dark tourism.

Qualifications and Memberships

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


Journal Articles / Book contribution:

Dale, C. and Robinson, N. (1999). Bermuda, Tourism and the Visiting Cruise Sector: Strategies for Sustained Growth. Journal of Vacation Marketing. Vol. 5, No.4.  p. 333-339.

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Dale,C & Robinson, N (2006) Strategic Imperatives of Tourism SMEs in Europe. Chapter for submission in Tourism in the New Europe: Perspectives on SME Policies and Practices. Series: Advances in Tourism Research (Elsevier)

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Robinson, N (2003). ‘The Times They Are A- Changin’. A Discussion of The Merits of Higher Education Institutions Creating Links With Further Education Partner Colleges. Learning and Teaching Support Network for Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism. Link Ed  6.



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Robinson, N. and Dale, C. (2011) Dark Tourism, in Robinson, P. Heitmann, S. and Dieke, P. U. C. Research Themes for Tourism, Oxford: CABI


Robinson, N. and Dale, C. (2012) Information Technology and Facilities in Hassanien, A. and Dale, C. (2011) Facilities Management for Tourism, Hospitality and Events, Oxford: CABI (in preparation)

Conferences / Research Seminars (delivery of papers)


Bagnall, G & Robinson, N (2001) God Save The Queen, Because Tourist Are Money. An Examination of Manchester’s Historical Punk Legacy. Paper presented at the No Future Collective Conference. Wolverhampton University.        


Higson, P & Robinson, N (2001). Information If You’re English. An Examination of Language Based Exclusion From Publicly Funded Internet Sites In Selected English Urban Areas.  Paper presented at the ICT & Social Exclusion Conference. Bolton Institute of Higher Education.


Rashid, T,Robinson, N & Ryding, D . (2005) An Eclectic Review, of Cross Border Retail Business Commerce, As A Mechanism To Aid North West Small and Medium Sized Ethnic Communities.  Strategies For Development. Paper presented at the University of Liechtensten, 2nd International Conference for Consumer Behaviour and Retailing Research.



Rashid, T & Robinson, N (2005) All Along The Watchtower. A Theoretical Review Of The Use Of The Internet As A Mechanism To Investigate Relationship Marketing, In Higher Education. Paper presented at The 4th European Conference on e-learning at The Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts & Sciences, Amsterdam, Netherlands 10-11 November 2005.


Robinson, N & Dale, C. (2004) Babylon’s Burning: A Conceptual Study of Potential Mechanisms To Limit The Impact of Terrorism On Tourism In The Expanding European Union. Paper presented at the December 2004 Borderless Frontiers Conference, InterCollege, Nicosia, Cyprus.


Robinson, N & Dale, C. (2009) ‘Wanted Man: A Conceptual review of the role of dark tourism,  in facilitating the exploration of unsolved cold case murders. Paper presented at the Tourism Experiences: Meanings, Motivations, Behaviours conference. April 2009 Conference, University of Central Lancashire. Preston. England.


Robinson, N. (2009) Just stand up. Alternative methodological praxes in the pursuit of student happiness. Using components of stand-up live performance activities, in facilitating the development of student presentation skills and confidence levels. Paper presented at the ATHE conference, Loose Hill Hall, Peak District.

Robinson, N. and Dale, C. (2012). Take My mother-in law. Mass observation in working class comedy a NW perspective. Paper presented at Leisure Studies Association conference,  Recording Leisure Lives: Sports, Spectacles and Spectators in 20th century Britain. Bolton, April 2012.

Robinson, N. and Dale, C. (2013) Stand up comedy, social control and political agendas? : from Foucault to Frank Boyle, just stand up, please sit down. Leisure Studies Association conference, re-classing leisure, critical perspectives for a new era. Salford, July 2013.

Robinson, N. and Dale, C. (2013) Searching for Maddy: Tourism mobilities and the role of the tourist as agents for safety and security in preventing child trafficking. International Conference on Tourism. Cyprus University of Technology, Limassol, Cyprus. June 2013.