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Salford Business School

Professor Ghulam Sorwar

Professor of Finance


Professor Sorwar specialises in quantitative finance.  In particular his research focuses on derivatives pricing and financial risk management.


Risk Regulation & Compliance

Bank Management

Research Interests

Modelling, valuing and empirically testing derivative security prices

Modern risk management methods

Mergers and acquisition

CDS spreads and the financial crisis

PhD Supervision

I am currently supervising students in: Value-at-Risk, Islamic Finance, International Finance and Asset Liability Management. I would welcome applications from PhD students in the general area of: Risk Management, Islamic Finance, Financial time series and options pricing.  

Qualifications and Memberships

BSc (University College London)

MSc (City University)

PhD (City University)


Publications since 2008:

Sorwar, G.; Mozumder, S.; Dowd, Emeritus Professor, K.(2013)., "Skewness  Models for Option Pricing and Option Portfolio Approximation", Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting, Vol.40, pp. 273-292.

Sorwar, G.(2012)., "Estimating single factor jump diffusion interest rate models", Applied Financial Economics, Vol.21 (22), pp. 1679-1689.

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Sorwar, G.; Sudarsanam, S.(2010)., "Determinants of Takeover Premium in Cash-financed Takeover Offers: An Option Pricing Approach", Journal of Business, Finance & Accounting, Vol.37 (5-6), pp. 687-714.

Sorwar, G.; Dowd, K.; Cotter, J.(2008)., "Spectral Risk Measure: Properties and Limitations", Journal of Financial Services Research, Vol.34, pp. 71-75.