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Salford Business School

International Links

At Salford Business School, we have close links with universities around the world. The partnerships we have developed and maintained with institutions across Asia, Africa, Europe, North America and South America give us a truly global outlook and creates invaluable opportunities for collaboration.

Our links with Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland will be particularly appealing to anyone striving for a career in international business. As well as taking part in an exchange where students are given the chance to spend a year living and studying in Finland, at the end of the course, students receive a double award for the work completed at both institutions.

But it isn’t just students looking for exchange opportunities who benefit from these relationships, working within a global network of experts we are able to produce quality research that is internationally relevant.  

Speaking about our international research links, Salford Business School Lecturer in Digital Business, Alex Fenton said, "Undertaking research projects with people from around the world is vitally important to us. Working with researchers and partners globally enables us to create impactful research of an international standard. We have an incredibly international faculty and student base which creates a vibrant and diverse cultural mix and fosters new research projects that make a difference".

Recently, Salford Business School’s international links have led our academics to collaborate on British-academy funded research with colleagues from University of Crete, Greece and University of Cadiz, Spain. Research by Salford Business School academics will feature at conferences across the  world in 2018 when papers are given at the European Social Science History conference in Belfast and the International Labour and Employment Relations Association conference in Seoul, to name just two.

As well as collaborating with our staff on research, many academics choose to join Salford Business School from overseas. Having a culturally diverse faculty is extremely advantageous for students, allowing us to teach with a global perspective and offer programmes that are internationally impactful.  

If you are an overseas university who would like to visit Salford Business School to discuss opportunities for collaboration, please contact our team.