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Salford Business School

Robert Kennedy College

Since 2009, Robert Kennedy College (RKC) have had a franchise partnership agreement in place to deliver online a range of Salford Business School Master’s courses.

These courses are delivered by RKC using academic materials developed by Salford Business School academics and presented by them via video. This teaching is supplemented by seminars and tutorials with RKC tutors.  The degree is awarded by the University of Salford and recognised by the British government; however, you should be aware that the degree transcript will mention RKC as your teaching institution and you should check that the degree is recognised in your country.

The courses are listed on Robert Kennedy College's website.  They start in September, November, January, March, June and July and are available to applicants from around the world.

What our Students Say

Studying at the University of Salford is like taking an adventure into the wild. It is thrilling, challenging, enlightening and ultimately so satisfying in the context of new experiences and creative ways of learning.                    

- Mr George Kiruki, Kenya – MSc Marketing                      

The diversity of the student population was appealing part of Salford Business School. Another key factor was the high regard with which the master’s programme is held worldwide…       Project Management covers a wide range of disciplines and the information    gained    from    the    various    modules    will    prepare    you for whatever world you choose to work in.                      

Mr Marc Haynes, Barbados – MSc Project Management                  

Every module has equipped me with the requisite practical knowledge for my professional career…    The residency has been of tremendous help in directing my pathway in writing a worthwhile dissertation. I am truly grateful to RKC and Salford for putting it together.              

Mr Francis Uwadiae, Nigeria – MSc Procurement, Logistics and Supply Chain Management              

My residency at Salford was very fruitful. It was more than expected! The administration was very helpful and catered for the needs of all students. I never felt away from home, everyone was very friendly…    I personally believe that choosing this course will help me to contribute    to    the    economy    of    my    country.            

Miss Richa Kistoo, Mauritius - MSc Financial Services Management            

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