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Salford Business School

International Delivery Partners

Through Salford Business School’s established links across the world, we develop international partnerships and work with international institutions to enrich the study opportunities for our students.

Our international partnerships enable you to complete all or a proportion of your study in your home country benefiting from the outstanding teaching and research expertise of the University of Salford from wherever you are in the world.  Some programmes include the opportunity to come to the University of Salford for a residential study course. Teaching is provided by Salford Business School academics and qualifications are awarded by the University of Salford, offering you the benefits and prestige of British Higher Education.

Online Delivery

Our most popular master’s programmes are delivered online by our franchise partners, Robert Kennedy College (RKC) and Digital Marketing Institute (DMI).  These mirror the programmes delivered face to face in Salford.  Follow the links below for more information.

In Country Delivery

A selection of our programmes is delivered in country through our delivery partners.  The courses have been designed by Salford Business School academics and are delivered under their supervision.  The degrees are awarded by the University of Salford.

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