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Study Abroad

Opportunities to study or work abroad

Going abroad for study or work is an opportunity of a lifetime, which can provide you with unforgettable experiences and may even improve your employability by standing out on your CV. It is a catalyst for personal growth, and can be a life-changing experience that will prepare you for life in ways  you  never  imagined.  Even better, if you spend two semesters abroad your Salford University tuition fees are reduced by 85% (and there’s no charge for fees at the host University).  

Push your boundaries. Go abroad.


  • make friends from all over the world        
  • live amongst and absorb new cultures        
  • learn and develop new language skills        
  • get international experience        
  • impress potential future employers        
  • become a global citizen        

Research shows that studying and working abroad can have a positive impact on academic and career outcomes. Read more about the benefits.


Emmanuel Adebayo

Emmanuel Adebayo
“Doing the programme made me feel like I was one year ahead of all my friends. Within the first two weeks of coming back I got a job, a car and I’m doing presentations in class like it’s nothing. Being on my own I became more independent and I was able to think for myself. It's an adventure of a lifetime. You’ll never forget it. Definitely go for it, it’s worth it. “
Emmanuel Adebayo, studied for a year at Emmanuel, Coe College, USA; graduated 1st class Honours, 2017
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Goodwill Ndlovu

Goodwill Ndlovu
“I learnt a lot during my exchange programme. All the experiences I had, I wouldn’t change them for anything. Now I’m independent, able to take risks when needed, communicate well with people from different backgrounds, I’m able to relate more, I’m more confident and my study skills have increased completely. I’m glad that I made the decision to be part of this experience, because it is a once in a life time thing, and you can never go wrong with it.“
Goodwill Ndlovu, studied for a term at TAMK University in Finland
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Maria Varsanova

Maria Varsanova
“In the beginning, I wasn’t quite sure what Erasmus was or how it worked. I also had to consider that as a Law student, the course content would be different in Spain, meaning the year I spent there wouldn’t count towards my degree. Instead, it was classed as a placement year.
Experiencing a new culture is enriching and valuable for a young person and forms a more open-minded personality."
LLB Law student Maria Varsanova, who loves travelling and combined her degree at the University of Salford with the Erasmus+ programme
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Richard Bell

“As a Salford Business School student you have the incredible opportunity to take part in the Study or Work Abroad programme. You can spend one or two semesters studying at a hand-picked, high quality partner institution in Europe or further afield; you can also have the option of undertaking a work placement overseas.
Research shows that nine out of ten employers look for the type of skills that students naturally develop while studying or working abroad – flexibility, independence, cultural awareness – so this is your opportunity to make yourself stand out from the crowd. "
Richard Bell, Study Abroad co-ordinator, Salford Business School


Study Abroad involves you going to study at a University in a different country, for either a semester or a full academic year.  Classes are taught in English and you’ll be gaining credits for your degree at Salford Business School. Students at the  University of Salford typically  go  in  their second year, and return to finish the final year of their degree with us.


If you are taking the four year degree with professional experience, you also have the opportunity to do your work placement at an international business outside of the UK.


If you’re thinking of studying a BSc in International Business and are interested to study abroad, you could graduate with two degrees.  Through our partnership with Tampere University of Applied Sciences in Finland, you could combine your studies in Salford and Finland and be awarded a degree from both Universities.

The programme is typically 3½ years long (210 ECTS - 420 Salford Credits); although based in Salford, you would study in Tampere for two semesters during the second year and one semester after Salford graduation. The programme is currently open to 6 students from:

On successful completion, you would be awarded your degree from Salford plus a BBA International Business from Tampere University.

To find out more, contact Simon Ireland (Email:


We have partners throughout Europe, including in Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Finland and Turkey, as well as partners further afield such as in The USA and Canada.


Although one  of  the benefits of the Study Abroad programme is the confidence and independence you build, you can be assured that you’ll have the guidance of the Study Abroad team in Salford before you go; and while you are abroad, you will have a local Study Abroad contact  in  your host University who will be  there  to support you and give you advice.

For further information, visit Study Abroad or contact:
Richard Bell (email:
Simon Ireland (email: