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Salford Business School

Work with our students

At Salford Business School, we are proud of our close links with business. We have a long history of engaging with companies to provide work placements, internships, live briefs and team projects for our students. These span across our entire range of Law, Finance and Business programmes and from Undergraduate to Postgraduate degrees.

We engage with companies of all sizes from large multi-nationals to micro organisations, finding real projects and positions so that our students can make a difference to the company while at the same time enhancing their own employability.

This means two things:

  • Our students get the opportunity for real world work experience as part of their study so that they are work-ready when they graduate.    
  • Businesses can access a high quality of bright enthusiastic students who will bring up-to-the-minute thinking on all your business needs.    

Organisations that we have previously worked with include:

  • Adidas    
  • SIS    
  • BUPA    
  • NHS    
  • Enterprise Rent a car    

Working with postgraduate students (Business Innovation Project)

As part of their curriculum, all of our Postgraduate students undertake a Business Innovation Project (BIP). In most cases, the student will work on a project for a local company, with the focus on business innovation. Your organisation could get involved in three ways, offering real-world experience through:-

  • 3 month internships    
  • Four to six month paid placements    
  • Three month live projects    

Working with undergraduate students (student placements)

All undergraduate students can choose to undertake a 12 month placement between their second and final year of study. They can work full-time within an organisation either on a specific task or within a variety of roles and departments. The 12 month placement would be tailored to your business.

Please be aware, the University of Salford is a Living Wage Employer; employers offering a placement must pay the student the National Minimum Wage, but are encouraged to pay the National Living Wage.

The SBS Employability team

If you have a role or a project for a student, please contact our Employability team to discuss. The Employability team manages the process of bringing together students looking for a placement and employers looking for students to undertake a specific job or project. We develop connections with students  and  relationships with employers so we can find the best internships, placements and live projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Salford Business School.

Other opportunities to get involved with Salford Business School

Our staff, many of whom have experience outside the University too, work with businesses to ensure our teaching is strongly industry-focussed and industry-informed. This could take the form of:-

  • Reviewing module specifications    
  • Delivering guest lectures    
  • Providing case study material    
  • Developing live projects to embed into the module    

You can also benefit from the expertise within our walls. This may take the form of consultancies, research, bespoke training, access to conference facilities and more. Visit to find out more.

Visit the SBS Employability team on the first floor, Lady Hale building – Ground Floor

Contact Employability team at

Phone: +44 (0)161 295 6171

What our partner employers say

“The benefit has been mutual from the very beginning. Students from Salford Business School have helped me in public relations, marketing and event management. Salford Business School not only takes a lead in organising the placement, they made sure I was ready too. This was a matchmaking service  that did all the homework in advance. It’s a big switch from the lecture theatre to the shop floor, but I already knew I had willing candidates in front of me. Maybe the most valuable thing for me was getting to work with young people, full of new ideas, and the very latest techniques and teaching.  My businesses gained so much, I really feel I did well out of the bargain. I’d like to think that the experience the students took from working with me helped round out their education and left them better equipped to put their learning into practice. That’s what those I’ve worked with  have told me and I’m proud to have helped. In no small way, I’m envious of the future that lies ahead for those bright young stars.”

Simon Walton, Founder, Almond Bank Communications

“Unlike recruiting a temporary or a permanent employee you can be assured that the student will do their best to ensure the placement is a success – their degree, reference and entire future career depends upon it. Unlike other forms of recruitment you also have a channel of recourse should  your new recruit not work out as planned.”

Jo Egan, Managing Director of Hotel Desk

‘We had tremendous success utilising the Salford Business School intern programme. The enthusiasm, creativity and knowledge the interns brought to our business has proved invaluable. We have a new identity, a strong online presence and a wider audience reach all delivered by our interns. Thank  you!”

Steve Crohill, Director of North West Finance Awards