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Salford Business School


At Salford Business School, we are proud of our close links with business. We have a long history of engaging with companies to provide work placements, internships, live briefs and team projects for our students.

These span across our entire range of courses and form part of all our Undergraduate to Postgraduate degrees.

We work with companies of all sizes from large multi-nationals to micro organisations, finding real projects and positions so that you can make a difference to the company while at the same time enhancing your employability.

This means you get the opportunity for real world work experience as part of your study so that you are work-ready when you graduate.

This means two things:

  • Our students get the opportunity for real world work experience as part of their study so that they are work-ready when they graduate.        
  • Businesses can access a high quality of bright enthusiastic students who will bring up-to-the-minute thinking on all their business needs.        

Organisations that we have previously worked with include:

  • Adidas        
  • SIS        
  • BUPA        
  • NHS        
  • Enterprise Rent a car      

The SBS Employability team

The Employability team, based in the Student Hub, manages the process of bringing together students looking for a placement and employers looking for students to undertake a specific project. We develop connections with students and relationships with employers so we can find the best internships, placements and live  projects  for undergraduate and postgraduate students at Salford Business School.

Placements are an important opportunity for all students; they help you to apply the knowledge you have gained in the classroom, allow you to build your network and introduce you to the realities of work. Most of our students who undertake a placement see quantifiable improvements in their academic  results, and  you are encouraged to continue your association with the organisation you did your work placement with.

Visit the SBS Student Hub on the ground floor, Lady Hale building, Peel Park campus    

Contact Employability team at

Phone: +44 (0)161 295 7061

What our students say


“It has flown by but the experience I have gained is invaluable. I have enjoyed the whole experience and I have learned a lot, which will definitely help me in my final year at university.”      

Jenny Joseph, BSc Accounting & Finance, worked at NHS      

“My placement year has given me more responsibility and visibility than I ever thought it would within the company. As full on and demanding as my placement is, this is more than matched by the rewards and satisfaction I get from the work I complete. Working with colleagues  all  around    the    world has broadened my horizons and given me great opportunities to get really stuck in to some interesting projects and even the opportunity to travel.”    

Josh Melvin, MSc Marketing, worked at Agilent    

“The placement year is going great at IBM. I have learnt a great amount of knowledge about the IT industry and developed some great life long skills. I have had the chance to network with many professionals which has expanded my connections greatly.    

I feel like I am 100% ready for the real working world once I have graduated!”    

Ramal Hassan, BSc Business Information Technology, worked at IBM    

“I absolutely love how my placement gave me a sense of identity and achievement. I wasn't made to feel like 'The Work Experience Kid', and my experience as a whole was very fulfilling - with the responsibility and the pressure of meeting targets, came the feeling of accomplishment and pride. I  went  into    my    placement feeling a little anxious as I didn't know what to expect, but came out feeling a lot more confident in my abilities, both personal and professional. My placement really helped motivate me for my final year at university as I have experienced first hand what graduate life could  be  like.”    

Anisah, BSc Business and Management, worked at Reed Business    


Finding a placement position was incredibly easy due to the help I received from the Employability team within the Business School. After I met with Penney and Kerry, they understood the style of work I was looking for and sent me the advert for the role at One Stop Social within a matter of days!    I was given guidance for my CV and cover letter and felt like I had support throughout the whole application process.  

Elena Jones, MSc International Events Management  

“I have taken inspiration from the course and implemented key strategies in social media and international business into my role and this has benefitted my employer greatly.”    

David Fradgley, MSc Marketing    

“[The programme] has optional internship or placement. That really convinced me to choose Salford.  It gives me a real-life experience while I’m doing my project.”    

Fatima Lawal, MSc Information Systems Management    

“The business innovation project gives students the opportunity to enhance their real-life experience of businesses, with a variety of options available, including placements and live projects.”  

Emma Sutton, MSc Digital Marketing  

“[The Business Innovation Live Project] was an opportunity to see some of the theories learnt during the programme come to life. I also developed some soft skills like communication skills, leadership skills, initiative and presentation skills during the course of the project which are also vital  in life  after    study. They give students an edge in the competitive labour market with an opportunity to work with various organisations and gain that experience all employers seek.”      

Adeyemi Adelekan, MBA