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Learn how to create a YouTube channel for business development

Learn how to use the YouTube channel. This video will help you to understand how to manage your videos on YouTube, build your audiences, and create an efficient engagement plan.        

Please complete this short course entrance survey if you have not done so already.        

Please watch this video to the end before attempting the activities. When you are watching the video for the second time and reach an activity (see below the video a list of these with recommended links) pause the video, complete the activity and then press play again, proceeding to the next activity:

This video features the following industry speakers:        

Rebecca Rae - Photolink Creative Group
Sean Randles - Web Video Marketing Ltd

Activity 1 – Create a YouTube channel and link it up with other social media channels – Twitter, Facebook etc. Please read this resource first

Activity 2 - Now we will look at uploading a video. First familiarise yourself with the latest options

Now create a video which introduces you to others who might be taking this course. Tell people what you have learned, as well as why you are taking the course and how you hope to use the knowledge you have learned. You will need a webcam or a digital recorder to do this. If you don’t want to be          filmed yourself – create a screen capture and add your voice over with the same information.        

Activity 3 - Upload your video and optimise it by placing the relevant keywords – if you are sharing content related to this course integrate #SSMMUoS in the title so that others can find it. This keyword should          be positioned in the Title, Tags, Lists, Description a link to the course web page.        

Activity 4 - Playlist is a great way to collect videos – these don’t have to be all yours, you could organise other favourite videos of yours into collections. First read this help file

Additional resources:        

Top 10 YouTube Tips for Small Businesses


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