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Learn what Twitter is and how to create a Twitter account for business

In the “How to use Twitter?” section you will learn the advantages of Twitter as a way to engage with others and develop your skills and your brand.        

Please complete this short course entrance survey if you have not done so already.        

Please watch this video to the end before attempting the activities. When you are watching the video for the second time and reach an activity (see below a list of these with recommended links) pause the video, complete the activity and then press play again, proceeding to the next activity:

This video features the following industry speakers:        

Simon Wharton – PushON

Activity 1 - Think about a Twitter name and your description based on your personal brand online. You can edit these settings later but it is good to start in a planned way. Have you got some images that you could use for your profile, your descriptions? If you are working          for an organisation but tweeting on your own behalf – state so on your description. Here is an example of a private individual profile - and a business profile -

Go to and create an account and personalise your settings according to your personal branding guidelines if you have these for your organisation.        

Activity 2 - Send your first tweet using the #SSMMUoS hash tag. Log into your account and send a message – tell us for example the country you are from and how you are finding this course so far,        

e.g. “I am currently learning on the #SSMMUoS and I am based in the #UK”

Activity 3 – Search twitter using #SSMMUoS – can you see your tweet? What did others say using this hash tag? Do you like          any of these tweets? If so, why not retweet?        

Activity 4 – Reply to someone who posted a message on Twitter using the #SSMMUoS. Twitter is a great peer support network; use it to share your views on this course and engage with others, using #SSMMUoS to connect with other learners.        

Activity 5– Try to create lists of people who have contributed to the #SSMMUoS list.        

Some background reading:        

Twitter 101: Getting started with Twitter guide from twitter


Feel free to make use of our hash tag #passion4digital on Twitter to communicate with your peers and share your own learning experiences!