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Learn how to use your Facebook page to engage with your business's audience

A Facebook Business Page can be a great tool for your business. Learn how to create a Facebook fan page for your business and see how others have used this platform to maximise their reach. This video will give you pointers for developing a strategic plan for Facebook.        

Please complete this short course entrance survey if you have not done so already.        

Please watch this video to the end before attempting the activities. When you are watching the video for the second time and reach an activity (see below a list of these with recommended links) pause the video, complete the activity and then press play again, proceeding to the next activity:

This video features the following industry speakers:        

Nina Mack - Worship Digital
Rebecca Rae - Photolink Creative Group

Activity 1 – Create an account on Facebook, bearing in mind the keywords you have researched. Make sure that you have enabled all the privacy settings as you would like them to be. Read about the different privacy options you have and familiarise yourself with how to control your          online presence here

Activity 2 – Create a Facebook page and use images of your brand if you have one; if it is an interest group or a hobby group consider what the most appropriate images and their sizes should be. Visit for an example of a Facebook page and see how you can link up all your other profiles such as Twitter and YouTube.        

Here are more guidelines on how to create a Facebook page Please bear in mind that this is only an exercise and you can delete your page at any time.        

Activity 3 – Try to make some scheduled posts for your Facebook page, experiment with other ways you can engage your audiences and share your link to your Facebook page on Twitter using #SSMMUoS

Activity 4 - Based on the talk from Nina Mack and Rebecca Rae – can you think of any pointers that could help you to draft a Facebook engagement plan for your aim and objectives for Facebook? Write down your engagement plan and share your thoughts with others on #SSMMUoS

Additional resources:        

Facebook Guide Book - How To, Tips and Instructions by Mashable


Feel free to make use of our hash tag #passion4digital on Twitter to communicate with your peers and share your own learning experiences!