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Salford Business School

Law and business societies

There is a huge number of student societies, run by students, through the Student Union.  Getting involved with these can be a huge part of your student experience.

For students interested in Business and Law, there are dynamic societies which offer you development and networking opportunities.

The Law Society organises extra-curricular activities – including Mooting, law debates and trips - as well as social events and competitions that will enhance your student experience and help you make new friends and connections. Find out more

The Business Society (SUBS) re-formed in March 2017 host fortnightly commercial talks.  These take the form of workshops on transferable skills led by committee members; guest speakers from industry or from academia; and debates on issues that are currently taking prevalence  in  the  business  world,  such  as  Brexit  or  the  removal  of Uber's licence in London. We also hold fortnightly socials; such as Crazy Golf or Lazer Quest, so our members get the chance to have fun and take a break outside of their studies. This is all while getting involved in other University events and  taking  part  in  competitions;  such  as  IBM,  and  having  partnerships  with companies such as First Bus and Prime, a recruitment company set up by 'The Apprentice' star Neil Clough.

We work with the University's Enterprise Team, as well as the Business School and the other Business School Societies on joint events or to promote each other's events.  We were also nominated for 'Best Academic Society' at the Students' Union Annual Awards in May 2017; 3 months after forming.   Find out more

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