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School of the Built Environment

Dr Steve Ruddock

Degree Apprenticeship Link Tutor


I gained my PhD in 2009 at the University of Salford. My thesis was titled "Assessment of the Built Environment for Healthcare: A Case Study in the Development of an Evaluation Framework".

On completion of my PhD, I became a Research Fellow with Salford Centre for Research and Innovation (SCRI), where my research focus was economic appraisal. During my time with SCRI, I also managed a futures study, Built Environment Shaping Tomorrow (BEST).

I have become a specialist in the relationship between the construction sector and the macro-economy, a theme which continued in my research in the School of the Built Environment at London South Bank University (LSBU).

My recent research also built upon the work I undertook in my role, as a Research Associate in Construction Management and Economics, in the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD) at University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). This research has a focus on sustainable construction and also well-being within the construction and the built environment.

In my current role, as Degree Apprenticeship Link Tutor, I provide ongoing support, advice and guidance to degree apprentices. 

I present a first point of contact for student welfare issues and I build and maintain strong working relationships with employer contacts/supervisors/mentors/counsellors to maximise future opportunities.

A key part of my role is to ensure that course and degree apprenticeship frameworks, guidelines and regulations are adhered to.  Monitoring and reporting on the quality of employer support to ensure that the standards set by the University or professional/regulatory bodies are met.

Research Interests

  • Construction Economics
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Modern Slavery in Construction
  • Mental Health and Well-being in Construction

Qualifications and Memberships

  • HND Building Studies
  • BSc Building Surveying
  • MSc Construction Law and Dispute Resolution
  • PhD - Assessment of the Built Environment for Healthcare: A Case Study in the Development of an Evaluation Framework


Refereed Journal Papers

Investigating Modern Slavery in the Construction Industry

Management, Procurement and Law: Enhancing Construction Safety, Health and Well-being Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers.

(Publication date in 2020 to be confirmed)

Building for Economic Growth or Fuelling a Bubble? Issues in Optimising the Level of Construction Activity

Construction Management and Economics

(Currently under review).

The Financial and Economic Challenges of Housing Provision for an Ageing Society

Journal of Financial Management of Property and Construction Volume 21 (2) 2016 (with L. Ruddock)

DOI: 10.1108/JFMPC-04-2016-0017

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(With L. Ruddock and A. Kheir)

DOI: 10.3846/1648715X.2014.927400

Evaluation of Trends in the UK Construction Industry Using Growth and Productivity Accounts. 

Construction Management and Economics 2011 Vol. 29 (12). (with L. Ruddock)

DOI: 10.1080/01446193.2011.645494.

Reassessing the Construction Sector’s Economic Performance to Reflect Hidden Innovation and the Knowledge Economy.

Construction Management and Economics 2009 Vol. 27 (9). (with L. Ruddock)

DOI: 10.1080/01446190903131166



Emerging from the Global Economic Crisis: Delivering Recovery through a Sustainable Construction Industry

CIB Publication 333. CIB, Rotterdam (2010)

ISBN 978 90 6363 063 8

(With L. Ruddock)


Book Chapters

The Scope of the Construction Sector: Determining its Value in ‘Economics for the Modern Built Environment’ (ed. L. Ruddock), Taylor and Francis, London (2007) ISBN 041545424 7

(With L. Ruddock)

Changes in Societies and Economies: New Paradigms in ‘New Perspectives on Construction in Developing Countries’ (ed. G. Ofori), Taylor and Francis, London (2011)

ISBN 978 0 415 58572 9


Conference Papers

Enhancing the Healing Environment.

Proceedings of the Fifth International Postgraduate Research Conference in the Built and Human Environment, University of Salford, May 2005.

Creating Impact in Environmental Design: Assessment through Design Evaluation.

Proceedings of the Sixth International Postgraduate Research Conference in the Built and Human Environment, Technical University of Delft, April 2006.

Evidence-based Design for Facilities: Benefit Realisation and Assessment of the Business Case.

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Construction activity and built assets in emerging economies: Building for economic growth or fuelling a bubble?

Proceedings of the International Conference on Construction in a Changing World, Sri Lanka, May 2014(With L. Ruddock)

Transnational adaptation model for facilitating technology and expertise mobilisation in Gulf AEC organisations

Proceedings of IPC2015 (With J.S. Goulding, H. Ibrahim, F. Pour-Rahimian & A. Salama)

Creating an age-friendly built environment: An investigation of affordability

Proceedings of the 10th World Conference of Gerontechnology, Nice, September 2016

The Construction Sector and the Silver Economy: Challenges and Opportunities

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Modern Slavery in Construction: What does the Future Hold?

Proceedings of CIB International Safety, Health and People in Construction Conference,

Salvador, Brazil, July 2018



A Review of the application of the MEM Process in support of United Utilities PR19 submission, and the accuracy of both its application and the information referred to within it.

A Report Commissioned by United Utilities (2019)

(S. Ruddock and P. McDermot)

Patient Care at our Heart: Developing the care environment for patients with dementia at UHSM

Industry report for University Hospital South Manchester (2015)

(With N. Yates-Bolton, K. Yates, T. Williamson, R. Codinhoto & M. Omerod)

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(With G. O’Brien and J. Ratcliffe).


Blog article




Job Losses in the Construction Industry: How Bad Might it Get? (