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School of the Built Environment

Salford and CIB

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New adelphiThe International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB) is the world's  foremost  platform  for  international  cooperation  and information exchange in building and construction research and innovation. CIB has a worldwide network of over 5000 experts from 500 member organisations active in the research community, in industry or in education, who cooperate and exchange information  in  over  50  CIB  Commissions  covering all fields in building and construction-related research and innovation.

As one of the leading research schools in the Built Environment, SOBE provides leadership in various aspects of CIB activity. Professor Les Ruddock is the UK representative on the CIB Board.

Working Commissions

Name: Construction Industry Economics
Code: W55
Joint Coordinator: Professor Les Ruddock

Name: Procurement systems
Code: W92
Joint Coordinator: Professor Peter McDermott

CIB Student Chapter

The Salford CIB Student Chapter aims to enhance our postgraduate students' skills, particularly in regards to international collaboration and information exchange concerning research and innovation in the built environment. All postgraduate students in the School automatically become CIB Student Chapter  members upon registration.

Our objectives:

  • To provide opportunities to further improve relationships among postgraduate researchers    
  • To identify and exploit more opportunities on developing our skills and capabilities    
  • To expand our research networks within and among student chapters    
  • To promote the awareness of CIB and CIB Student Chapters    

Salford CIB Student Chapter Committee

Sajedeh MollasalehiPresident of the CIB Student Chapter
Sajedeh Mollasalehi

Chaminda PathirageAcademic Advisor
Chaminda Pathirage

Ahmed AbouMoemenEvent Organiser
Ahmed AbouMoemen

Nourhan Abdel-RahmanCommittee Member
Nourhan Abdel-Rahman

Francis HorbahCommittee Member
Francis Horbah

The CIB World Building Congress - 17 June 2019

The CIB World Building Congress 2019 is regarded as the leading construction research and innovation conference worldwide. Panel discussions, workshops, networking events, site tours, and lab visits will offer participants invaluable opportunities to interact and meet researchers, policymakers, and  industry peers.

CIB WBC 2019 - CIB World Building Congress 2019