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Biomedical research and practice is helping society make scientific breakthroughs. As we understand more about our environment, we're learning more about the way we interact with it, and how different factors affecting the human body.  

Choose a biomedicine-focused degree and be part of this exciting journey. Our degree courses place emphasis on graduate employability, integrating employment related skills and developing laboratory and research skills to help you become a world-class bioscientist.

Undergraduate Biomedicine Courses

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Studying biomedicine at university will enhance your science knowledge, its practical application to healthcare and related research. You will develop in-demand skills at the forefront of advances in medical research and diagnostics.

Delivered by our team of expert scientists, our biomedicine-based degree courses feature a range of relevant real-world topics, enriched with practical laboratory-based learning.

Postgraduate Biomedicine Courses

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Salford is at the heart of the bioscience community. We pioneer knowledge exchange through our dedicated teaching, collaborative research, and investments in our world-class Bodmer Laboratories.

Available with full and part-time study routes, our science postgraduate courses are designed to equip science graduates and professionals with laboratory skills, critical-thinking and analytical techniques to thrive in the bioscience revolution.