Biology, Wildlife and Zoology

Science students in the Bodmer laboratory

Despite these uncertain times, we can be certain that the need to advance our scientific knowledge will never cease.Tackling global pandemics is part of a science field where brilliant minds are learning more about vital biodiversity, finding cures for major diseases, and discovering more about life.

If you're ready to rise to the challenge, start your journey at Salford with a biology and wildlife-based degree, and explore how you can protect our world with research, discoveries, and preservation.

Undergraduate courses

Science students

There is a wonderful natural world out there. Explore the diversity of living organisms and biological principles with Salford. Biology and wildlife-based courses at Salford give you hands-on learning and training, both in our advanced Bodmer Laboratories and out in the field, so you can build career-focused subject-specific skills.

Postgraduate courses

A bioscientist using equipment

Salford is at the heart of the science community. We pioneer knowledge exchange through our dedicated teaching, and collaborative research in our world-class Bodmer Laboratories and out in the field.

Available with full and part-time study routes, our biology and wildlife-based postgraduate courses are designed to equip science graduates and professionals with real-world awareness, critical-thinking and analytical approaches to finding solutions.