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Your Employment Rights and Responsibilities

Have you got a contract of employment?

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you receive a contract of employment. This will clearly state your duties, working hours and pay.  
  • Some employers (particularly those offering temporary jobs) will not provide you with a contract of employment.  
  • Whether a job is temporary or not, ask the employer to provide you with a written contract of employment. Clearly stating the items listed above and also start and end dates if applicable.  
  • The rights and duties of both employers and employees should be detailed in a contract of employment.  
  • Some of these terms of the contract are Express terms  
  • The law states that Express terms that can be stated either orally (at interview) must be put in writing and given to the employee as a written statement of particulars within eight weeks of starting work.  
  • Express Terms include pay, hours and holidays.

How and how often will you be paid?

  • Before you start work ask the employer how and when you will be paid.  
  • It is your responsibility to agree a payment method with the employer.  
  • Most employers pay directly in to a specified bank or building society account.  
  • Pay is usually paid on a monthly basis for salaried employees and weekly for hourly rate work.  
  • Whatever the frequency of payment, it must be specified in a written statement of particulars (given to an employee within eight weeks of starting work).  
  • Any variation in the frequency of payment should be notified to the employee within one month of the change.  

How are the working hours recorded?

It is important that you ensure that a system is in place to record your working hours.


  • A sign in sheet  
  • Clocking in- out  
  • Use of timesheets  

Ask the employer about this if a system for recording working hours is not made clear to you.

How many hours can you work?

  • Careers & Employability promote part-time job vacancies available during term-time of up to 20 hours per week (Mon-Sun).  
  • As a full time student we recommend that you do not work more than 16 hours per week during term time.  
  • Check that the hours and days to be worked fit around your course timetable commitments, study time and social life.  
  • There are full and part- time vacancies promoted for the Christmas, Easter and summer vacation periods.  
  • Current job vacancies can be viewed online.