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Tax and National Insurance Information

Do Students have to pay income tax?

YES! Students are NOT exempt from paying income tax, this includes international students.

Working during semesters/term-time teaching periods

  • Tax will be deducted from your pay if you earn more than £958 a month on average.     
  • If you have paid tax and earned less, you can claim tax back. Information about claiming back tax that you have paid as a tax refund is available here.    
  • For more information on how much tax you have paid use the tax checker, on the HMRC website.    

Do students have to pay National Insurance?

YES, students are NOT exempt from paying National Insurance!

National Insurance allowance quoted below is for the tax year 2018-2019

  • If you earn less than £157 per week (before tax deductions) you will not have to pay National Insurance. You employer will deduct National Insurance whenever you earn more than £157 in a week.    
  • For more detailed information go to H.M. Revenue & Customs
  • International students are not exempt from National Insurance. For more information please click here.