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Work based and placement learning

The focus of this and the associated webpages are for Work Based and Placement Learning opportunities that are a planned and integrated part of a student’s programme of study. They are a Central resource that will support Work Based and Placement Learning staff in meeting QAA Standards.

The guidance and resources are intended to be useful to all staff irrespective of the level or mode of study, the academic subject, whether involved in Work Based or Placement Learning.

The information contained within the webpages, Code of Practice, Good Practice Guide, Resources & Templates and QAA, Work Based and Placement Learning Mapping and Review and all the relevant documentation recognises that the Professional, Statutory and Regulatory Bodies (PSRB) are another key reference point for those working on programmes with Work Based or Placement Learning that lead to professional accreditation and should be read alongside those reference points, not in place of.

Although the guidelines and resources are intended for Work Based and Placement Learning that is a planned and integrated part of a programme of study it is advisable that all forms of Work Based and Placement Learning activity take into consideration the processes involved within the Code of Practice  and approval processes. This approach will help to maintain good practice across all forms and delivery of Work Based and Placement Learning promoting a high level of the provision and management of Work Based and Placement Learning to all students.

Generic guidance and support for employers and students considering Work Placements is also available on the Workplace page.

The University of Salford's Work Based and Placement Learning policy, within the University's Academic Handbook, states  the following in section 4.1:

"askUS will provide a basic template for University staff to use which sets out established quality standards in higher education, whilst being flexible enough to be amended to suit individual cases and programmes of study."

To allow askUS to effectively support staff in their delivery the following resources Staff with Work Based and or Placement Learning responsibilities are encouraged to contact askUS staff (Tim Ward) to provide further support to supplement the Code of Practice and Good Practice guide including the development and implementation of the code and the use of the tools and templates and there adaptation to different  Programmes. These resources have been developed by askUS in collaboration with ASET (Association for Sandwich Education and Training).