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School of Arts & Media

Top Ten Employers and Occupations

Self-employed, freelance and portfolio careers are typical for graduates of Arts & Media programmes, so it is no surprise that "self-employed" is the most numerous "employer" for this school. A larger proportion of graduates are working part-time (25.5%) compared to the University of Salford total (13.8%).  Part-time roles in retail, catering and customer service typically support those embarking on creative careers, giving them time to work on creative projects and build their portfolio. A range of organsations employ SAM graduates with Times Top 100 Employers BBC, Asda, Tesco and M&S amongst the ten most numerous. Top ten occupations include Graphic Designers, Arts Officers and professional roles in Marketing and Web Design.

SAM top 10 employers
top 10 SAM employers graph

Data taken from the 2014-15 Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education (DLHE) Survey. This reflects the status of graduates on specific dates, who gave responses to the DLHE survey. Graduates who completed their studies between August 2013 and December 2013 were asked for their status on 15th April 2014 and graduates who completed their studies between January 2014 and July 2014 were asked for their status on 12th January 2015.