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What Happens to your Information

The university will use the information supplied by you on this form for the purposes set out in the Data Protection statement here:

Data from this survey will be collected onto our student records system for internal statistical analysis and management purposes. This data may be linked to other information about you held by the university, and information we collect may be added to your Alumni record. Your responses may be used  to send you information about support the Careers Service provides to alumni. Your responses may be used to identify opportunities which other university departments can offer you (where relevant to your circumstances). You can let us know if you do not wish to receive this information, by emailing

The data will also be used in an anonymised form to inform current and prospective students (and graduates) of the opportunities available on completion of their courses, both on our website in our graduate destinations reports and Key Information Sets on our course pages, as well as on the Unistats website. It will not be possible to identify you from any published data.

Additionally, anonymous information about the destinations of graduates is used by staff in Careers and Employability to help current students with their career planning, and statistical information will be available through the University website as part of our Course Finder and Key Information Sets.  If HESA audit university processes on any occasion, your name and address may be released to the auditors for that purpose only.

We will send information from this form to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA). This data will be linked to other information held about you as a student, including similar information you gave when you enrolled, and details of the qualification you gained. Your HESA record will not be used  in any way that affects you personally. The HESA DLHE Record is used for three broad purposes:

  1. Statutory functions  

The HESA record is used by the organisations listed below, or agents acting on their behalf, to carry out their public functions connected with education in the UK.

  • Department for Business, Innovation and Skills
  • Welsh Assembly Government
  • Scottish Government
  • Department for Employment and Learning, Northern Ireland
  • Higher Education Funding Council for England
  • Higher Education Funding Council for Wales
  • Scottish Further and Higher Education Funding Council
  • Training and Development Agency for Schools
  • Research Councils
  • Department for Education
  • General Social Care Council

The HESA record may also be used by the Office for National Statistics and the National Audit Office to fulfil their statutory functions of measuring population levels and monitoring public expenditure.

2. HESA publications

HESA use the HESA record to produce anonymised data in annual statistical publications.  These include some National Statistics publications and online management information services.

3. Research, equal opportunity, journalism, other legitimate interest/public function

HESA will also supply anonymised data to third parties for the following purposes:

  • Equal opportunities monitoring - Your HESA record may contain details of your ethnic group and any disabilities you have. This data is only used where it is needed to promote or maintain equality of opportunity or treatment between persons of different racial or ethnic origins, religious beliefs or  different states of physical or mental conditions
  • Research. This may be academic research, commercial research or other statistical research into higher education where this is of benefit to public interest.
  • Journalism, where the relevant publication would be in the public interest e.g. league tables
  • Anonymised data for the above purposes is supplied by HESA to the following types of user:
  • Local, regional and national government bodies who have an interest in higher education
  • Higher education sector bodies
  • Higher education institutions
  • Academic researchers and students
  • Commercial organisations (e.g. recruitment firms, housing providers, graduate employers)
  • Unions
  • Non-governmental organisations and charities
  • Journalists

HESA will take precautions to ensure that individuals are not identified from the anonymised data which they process. Your rights Under the Data Protection Act 1998, you have rights of access to the data HESA holds about you. You will have to pay a small fee for this. For further information about the  HESA record please see