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Enterprise resources for staff

Are you looking to include more Enterprise content within your programme? The Enterprise Team would love to meet with you to see how we can help with equipping our students with vital business skills related to their field of practice.

We offer a variety of bespoke workshops available for staff to book for their students. Below is an outline of topics we can cover and we are more than happy to work with you on making the workshop content bespoke to your programme.

For all enterprise events please refer students and graduates to our list of events.

Why Be Enterprising?

In this interactive workshop you will learn about the concept of entrepreneurship. We will focus on what it means to be enterprising and the skills you need to become a successful entrepreneur. You will learn about the benefits of being self-employed and motivate you to put your business idea into action. This workshop will outline key personality traits and areas which are essential to develop in order to run a business. There will be a chance for self-reflection and using the Facets Model, you will get a chance to analyze how entrepreneurial you are based on your skill-set.

Business Basics

This session will introduce you to business basics and look at the fundamentals of setting up and running a business.  You will learn about the importance of good market research, establishing your value proposition and determining your customer base. This workshop will also cover best ways  to go about business planning and you will learn about why it is important to network for your business. 

Going Freelance

An introduction to freelancing as means of practicing your trade and selling your skills. This workshop will introduce the topics of freelancing, networking and business planning with video insight from professionals that work in the freelancing field in the North West of England.

Entrepreneurial Skills

In this workshop you will learn all about entrepreneurial skills- the skills you need to start your own business and to launch a successful career. This interactive session will see you working with team members to identify different skills needed to start a business. We will explore the Facets Model  and look at the benefits of being entrepreneurial in business but also in an organization. 

Successful Networking

This interactive session will provide you will the key rules of effective networking, top tips how to work the room, questioning techniques, "open and closed" groups, the follow up and referral process. You will find out about networking using social media, learn about elevator pitches and get a chance  to practice your learning with other students.

Business Idea Generation

An idea is just that if you do not act upon it. In this workshop we will explore the processes that make an idea into a business concept. We will learn how to foster and build great ideas and create solutions to problems.  Students will get a chance to experience an idea generation process  and come up with a business pitch to communicate their final concepts.

Business Planning

Overview of business planning processes based on an innovative and simple approach as outlined in Business Model Generation text, written by AlexanderOsterwalder & Ives Pigneur. In this session, we will cover the 9 building blocks of the Business Model Canvas: Customer Segments, Value Proposition,  Channels, Customer Relationships, Revenue Streams, Key Resources, Key Activities and Cost Structures. This overview should give the student a starting point of things they need to consider when putting together their business plan.

Pitching Your Business Idea

Pitching is an important skill to develop, whether you will be presenting your business idea to potential investors, or whether you will deliver a business presentation within the company you work for. This workshop will help you to think about how to plan, structure and deliver your pitch effectively.  We will cover organising content, positive body language and persuasive techniques to keep your audience’s attention.  Learn how to present your case clearly and succinctly in 10 minutes or less.

Business Finance and Tax

In this session we will explore the concept of business finance and working out your business start-up costs. This session will also explain all about business expenses and how to register to pay your tax and NI. You will learn about what records you need to keep with examples of useful applications  that make tracking your expenses a breeze.

Marketing on a Budget

The success of any business relies on customers hearing about it, but many start-ups have little cash to spend on marketing. This interactive workshop will use action planning to enable participants to identify and explore ways in which they can not only raise the profile of their business, but also  to get a better understanding of their customers on a budget. We will cover cost- effective ways to market your business and learn about using social media to aid in promoting your business.  Using real world examples, best practice methodology and practical exercises this session will highlight  how start-up businesses can build a successful marketing strategy.

You are Your Business Brand

In this session you will learn the importance of branding for your business. We will explore why it is important to be self-aware and the image you project to your customers, through personal interactions and social media. We will look at ways to boost your company’s profile by using personal  branding techniques and enhancing your online presence.

If you would like a member of the team to contact you regarding running a workshop please email us or complete our workshop request form.

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