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Make The Difference Award

The University of Salford has funding to support students with vision, drive, commitment and passion to make their business idea a reality. This money will go to funding and supporting students of the University who have a passion in an idea to develop in to a business.

Start Up funding is a small amount of funding up to £1,000, for individuals to try out their idea. This might mean finding out if their idea is viable, learning more about what is needed and trying the project on a small scale first.

The application process

  • Submit an online application form detailing your idea and the need for funding.    
  • Criteria will be checked and applications will be assessed through an initial selection process (any applications that do not get through at this stage will receive feedback and will be invited to reapply in the next round of funding).    
  • Applicants will be invited to pitch at a judging panel on Wednesday 29th November 2017.    
  • All pitches will receive feedback and will either be awarded all funding, part funding or no funding.    
  • Applications Open: Monday 18th September 2017 (Round One)
    Applications Close: Friday 17th November 2017 (Round One)


Marking criteria and considerations when applying:

  • Have a connection to the University of Salford
  • Benefit the public or a UK community
  • Demonstrable community need identified
  • Be an entrepreneurial solution to a social problem
  • It is potentially sustainable and have evidence as to how it will be sustained/turn a profit
  • Have evidence of market research and can demonstrate a need within the market 
  • In need of an award to progress on to the next stage of the business 
  • Be a Learning Opportunity for the Award Winner(s)
  • Be a new initiative/start up – not a continuation of ongoing operations
  • Not be for activities outside the law, against public policy or anything that fosters ethnic, religious or commercial disharmony

Awardees must be:

  • To be eligible for a Start Up or Make THE Difference Award, applicants must have engaged in enterprising activities at the University of Salford prior to applying    
  • Over 16 and living in the UK for the duration of the project    
  • A student of The University of Salford    
  • An Individual or part of small informal group    
  • Must be avilable to pitch    
  • Award winners must attend a Santander Breakthrough Event    

All Santander Award recipients are required to particpate fully in the University's donor engagement activity as and when requested to do so. This includes, but is not limited to providing reports or updates (including photos if appropriate) on the project or work undertaken when requested by a member of University staff, which may then be included in Unviersity communications as appripriate; attending donor thank you events (usually one or two a year) when requested to by University staffl allowing details such as your name, course, project and expected year of graduation to be included in public University communications.  


For more information book a 1 to 1 appointment or to discuss your application further or contact The Enterprise Team: