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How to prepare for the event

Speak to your Tutors:    

If you are looking for a placement, speak to the Placement Tutor for your course. Your tutors can tell you about the kinds of placements that previous years' students have undertaken and which companies they went to work for. Your tutors can tell you how students on placement are monitored, assessed and evaluated and whether or not you can receive credits towards your final degree results for doing a placement. Careers and Employability resources for students considering undertaking a placement are available and you can browse placement opportunities online. Go to work placements...

Use the University's Careers and Employability services:    

Use the list of employers below to determine which employers you want to speak to. It is important that you do some research on the employers you want to speak to. Showing company representatives that you know something about their company/organisation will impress them and demonstrate that you are serious about applying to work for them. Find out more about their products/services, their history, where they operate, new developments/projects and for further details about their employment opportunities. It is important that you use of Careers & Employability services before you attend the event. You can access advice and information on your future career direction that can help you think about how you can best "sell" yourself to employers, think about how a placement can improve your employability and help you to prepare for interviews. Visit askUS at House to find out more.    

Think about what you want:    

Think about the types of placements or work experience you want to do and what skills and experiences you want to develop. Think about the types of questions you might want to ask the employers/organisations to help you decide whether specific opportunities are what you are looking for. This event allows you to network with employers to help you determine which opportunities best suit your needs and provides an opportunity for you to "sell" your skills and abilities to potential employers.    

Wear something appropriate:    

Do not wear very casual clothes (for example; jeans and a t-shirt) to attend this event. It is best to wear something smart. You may meet a potential employer at this event and it is important that you make a good impression.