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Who should attend?

All students studying courses related to Computing, Science and Engineering can attend this event. Employers will be promoting placement opportunities to 2nd year undergraduate students and/or graduate opportunities to final year undergraduate students and postgraduate students. This is your opportunity  to find out what placement and graduate opportunities are available in 2018/19

You will be able to find out which employers are offering placements and /or graduate opportunities, collect application information, ask questions and find out what the benefits of working at each company are. This event is aimed at students studying courses related to the following;
  • Aeronautical Engineering  
  • Civil and Structural Engineering  
  • Autonomous Systems & Robotics  
  • Gas & Petroleum Engineering  
  • Mathematics  
  • Physics  
  • Mechanical Engineering  
  • Biology/Zoology  
  • Biomedicine  
  • Environment  
  • Computer Science  
  • Computer Nerworking and Telecommunications  
  • Software Engineering  

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