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How to prepare for the event

Speak to your Tutors

Speak to your tutors. Your tutors may be able to tell you about the kinds of placements / graduate jobs that students have done before and which companies they have worked for. If you are a 2nd year undergraduate student, find out who is the Placement Tutor for your course of study. Your Placement Tutor  can tell you how students on placement are monitored, assessed and evaluated and whether or not you can receive credits towards your final degree result for doing a placement.

Think about what you want

Think about what type of placement / graduate opportunity you want to do and what skills and experiences you are looking to gain. Think about the types of questions you might want to ask the employers to help you decide whether specific opportunities are what you are looking for. This event gives you  an opportunity to network with employers to help you determine what type of placement / graduate opportunity you are looking for. This event provides an opportunity for you to "sell" your skills and abilities to a potential employer.

Watch these film clips!

To help you think about how you should prepare and behave/not behave when communicating with employers please watch these film clips that were created by Salford students, staff and by local employers (These may take a moment to run):

Your CV

Some employers will accept a copy of your CV to apply for their employment opportunities. Bring a few copies of your CV with you to the event. If you need to create or update or your CV please visit our webpage Improve your CV and use our guide to creating a CV.  Visit the Careers & Employability before the event to get your CV checked by a CV Consultant .

Application Forms

Some employers will be giving out application forms to students interested in their vacancies. You are encouraged to take the application form away with you and complete it in your own time and then return it to the employer. Completing an application form in a hurry on the day of the event will make  your application look untidy and you may make mistakes. Make sure you get the correct return address for any application forms you collect from employers. Many employers will have online application forms.

Use the University's Careers Service  

It is important that you use the services of the University's Careers Service before you attend the Fair. The Careers Service can provide you with advice and information on your future career direction, help you think about how you can best "sell" yourself to employers, help you think about how you    can improve your employability and help you to prepare for interviews. You can an appointment with a University Careers Adviser.  

Wear something appropriate

It is best not to wear jeans and a t-shirt to attend this event. It is best to wear something smart. You may meet a potential employer at this event and it is important that you make a good impression.

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