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Non EEA Students - Working while studying

Why work whilst studying in the UK?

There can be many advantages to working whilst studying in the UK.

Apart from the obvious benefit of earning money, you can:

  • Gain valuable work experience and transferable skills that may help you get a full-time job once you have graduated.        
  • Network - making friends and professional contacts.        
  • Improve your English language communication skills in a professional context.        

As a student at the University of Salford you have access to a wide range of part-time jobs, placement opportunities, volunteering and employability skills development. These will help you in many different ways from helping you pay the bills, developing excellent transferable skills which you can use  and develop all through your career. A part time job will also allow you to experience British culture outside the boundaries of the University and give you a real insight into working life within the UK from the application process to the skills developed and used in a different environment than you  may be used to. This help is available from the moment you become a Salford student with many sessions running during your induction week of events and throughout the year.

I am from a country outside the European Economic Area. Can I work in the UK while I am a student?

Before you start

Before you start to look for work please check the immigration stamp that is on your passport. The stamp will indicate whether or not you can work while studying in the UK. The stamp will probably be one of these:

Prohibition Stamp

  • If your passport has a prohibition stamp on it, then you are not allowed to undertake any type of work, paid or unpaid, while you are in the UK  
  • If you are a full-time student, it may be possible to have your prohibited stamp changed to a restricted one - to do this you must first of all speak to staff at Careers & Employability in University House.  

Restriction Stamp

  • If your passport has a restriction stamp on it then you are allowed to undertake part-time work and/or vacation work while you are studying here at Salford  
  • If you have a restriction stamp you should note that this means:  
  • you are not allowed to work more than 10-20 hours per week during semester  
  • you cannot engage in business, self-employment, or the provision of services  
  • you cannot take work as a professional entertainer or sports person  
Students studying at degree level or above should have a 20 rather than a 10 hour restriction.  If this is so, Careers & Employability does not advise students to work for longer than 16 hours.

International postgraduate students  

  • Postgraduates studying at the University of Salford and subject to immigration rules (i.e. those here on student visas) should not be working for more than 20 hours per week over the summer. This period should be treated as term-time as the university has no formal summer vacation for postgraduates. During this period, it is expected that you will be completing a dissertation as a registered full-time student (most Masters' courses are for a 50 week year of study).    
  • The only exceptions to this are formal university arranged work placements (paid or unpaid), that are an integral part of a degree, with the prior written consent of your supervisor. Not all degrees offer work placements that provide credits towards qualifications. Please verify this with your tutors.    

What next?

  • If you are uncertain whether your stamp or BRP is correct, or what working rights it gives you, you are welcome to email a copy of it along with your questions to, our trained advisers will be able to answer your questions.  
  • If you are eligible to work in the UK when you are here to study, you can start looking for a job immediately  
  • If you are allowed to work while studying here in the UK and you find a job, your employer will ask you for your National Insurance Number. Read the section on tax and national insurance to find out how to get one.  

UKCISA website can provide more information on working and eligibility of working hours

Postgraduate Students Vacation Working

You can work more than 20 hours during the relevant vacation periods (Christmas, Easter and Summer) if you are not engaged in the following:
  • attending classes and lectures  
  • preparing for exams  
  • doing coursework  
  • writing essays, a dissertation or thesis.  

Please verify with your school office, lecturers and personal tutors regarding your academic commitments.

Work Fairs

Work Fairs are free one-day event that gives you the opportunity to meet lots of employers offering:
  • Part-time jobs in the local area  
  • Vacation-period jobs  
  • Voluntary Work  

Find out more...

Develop your Employability Skills

  • The chance to develop your employability skills and information on how and where to get a part- time job are all available through Careers & Employability from the moment you become a Salford student and continues after you graduate, we are always there to help.  
  • All work opportunities allow you to gain experience and develop transferable employability skills and self management skills such as time management. Experience in using and developing these sought after skills can help you stand out from other applicants in the graduate job market in the future.  
  • Work Experience Advisers and Careers consultants can advise you about finding suitable work experience, making job applications and any other job / career related issues. Quick Query sessions are available or you can book onto specific skills sessions to develop your skills and abilities from Personal Branding to Project Management. 

Useful links

Further information is available from:
  • Careers & Employability - careers information for international students.  
  • UKCISA - information regarding working whilst studying in the UK.  

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