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Your Job's Online

This is a 25-minute video which dispels myths about applying for jobs online. It shows two major employers selecting graduates using only their electronic applications. You hear the selectors assessing the candidates' performance, and see the candidates reactions to those comments.

A few candidates may be dazzled by the technology, but in general the problem is of treating it with too much familiarity. Because online application forms have tick-boxes, it can be tempting to treat them like any other online transaction (buying books or music on the internet). This is  a mistake! A real human being may read your application form, and will expect to see as much evidence of your skills and commitment as with a paper-based application. The video shows how to maximise your chances of success.

For reasons of copyright, the videos may ONLY be viewed by current students of the University of Salford and staff.

We are currently working on providing a subtitled version of this video that can be watched across campus. A version with subtitles is currently available for watching within Careers and Employability only.

Revision notes are available for download, courtesy of AGCAS.

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